Right here’s the cheapest color laser printer in stock factual now

Lexmark C2425DW – £129.99 / $299.99

Colour laser printers are currently extra dear than they safe got been up to now, but we’ve sniffed out the cheapest option accessible (that’s currently in stock). It prints 23 pages per minute, substances a huge paper tray and a compact footprint, so strive it out!

How low-sign can a recent color laser printer be? It turns out, in the post-pandemic contemporary period, a ways much less cheap than earlier than – and in some conditions, double the value. 

Basically the most cost effective color laser printer we came across accessible in stock at the new time is the most sensible doubtless-feature (versus multi-feature) Lexmark C2425DW.

It boasts a printing streak of 23 pages per minute, a ways elevated than any inkjet printer on this sign differ and likewise substances USB, wireless and Gigabit Ethernet connectors, making it a huge printer for SMBs as smartly.

Add in automatic duplex printing, a huge paper tray, shrimp footprint and like a flash processor and this genuinely seems love an astounding printer deal.

Nonetheless, this deal would possibly possibly not be as candy as it seems, given the value of the consumables.

The printer most sensible doubtless comes with starter unlit (750-internet page) and color (500-internet page) cartridges. Shopping a fat role of high capacity printer cartridges (2500-internet page color and 3000-internet page unlit) will sign you about twice as famous as the printer itself.

So, while the C2425DW is realistic in the fast time length, its total sign of possession and cost per print is reasonably high – potentially up there with primarily the most costly on the market (even whilst you manufacture not safe to steal a brand contemporary drum).

Long gone are the days, though, where or not it is much less dear for companies to steal a brand contemporary printer at any time when they bustle out of toner; big for your accountant, but not so big for the ambiance.

Prefer into consideration

  • If this model is unavailable to your area, you’ve to utilize a specialist parcel forwarding provider to clutch abet of the deal.
  • If you happen to’ve managed to derive withhold of a much less dear product with same specifications, in stock and contemporary, scream us and we’ll tip our hat to you.

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