Fraudsters are using an old trick to hijack users’ WhatsApp accounts

WhatsApp is arguably one in all the most popular messaging apps within the arena. Its soaring reputation also makes it current amongst fraudsters who are trying and search out systems to originate entry to users’ accounts in remark to power them into giving money. Within the past, a large series of experiences like detailed how scammers like old social hacking to trap users into sharing their WhatsApp verification codes for getting entry to their legend. Now, malicious actors are using the same old methodology for defrauding users again.

The rising series of such fraud conditions has triggered Maharashtra Cyber, which is the affirm’s nodal agency for cybersecurity and cybercrime, to fragment the modus operandi for a series of WhatsApp fraud conditions that it has encountered in latest events.

The nodal agency in a lengthy put up on Twitter explains how cybercriminals are hijacking users WhatsApp accounts and forcing them to pay money in remark for them to procure entry to their accounts.

“The hacker is conscious of your mobile number and this entire series of assaults begins with one person (Mr A) giving out his verification code and allowing his legend to be hijacked,” the agency explained in its put up on the microblogging platform.

It then says that as soon as Mr A’s legend is hijacked, hackers originate entry to your entire contacts and groups of the particular person, which begins a series response. “Vivid that Mr X is most contacted from Mr A’s WhatsApp checklist, the hacker pretends to be Mr A and convinces Mr X that his WhatsApp verification code isn’t reaching to him so he has sent the same to Mr X’s phone. Mr X falls for the trap and doesn’t realise it’s his occupy verification that he provides out ensuing in his legend also being hacked,” the agency added.

The agency also necessary that in some conditions hackers fragment photos piquant nudity in victim’s WhatsApp groups.

It’s a long way useful that you don’t fragment their WhatsApp verification codes with anyone. But for these that end end up getting conned, there’s a straightforward formulation using which it is seemingly you’ll perhaps perhaps procure entry to your WhatsApp legend. Right here’s what you wish to end.

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