Ellen DeGeneres’ ex-girlfriend Anne Heche breaks silence on bullying allegations towards TV host

Anne Heche has suggested people to “listen” to individuals who delight in made allegations towards her ex-girlfriend Ellen DeGeneres.

Heche, who has regarded in movies at the side of Donnie Brasco, Volcano and the Psycho remake, became as soon as in a excessive-profile relationship with DeGeneres between the years 1997 and 2000.

The pair went public as a couple rapidly after DeGeneres publicly came out as pleased, with both receiving profession backlash as a end result.

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Heche has now broken her silence on the accusations of “indicate” behaviour levelled at DeGeneres, alongside with allegations of sexual misconduct, racism and bullying on the quandary of DeGeneres’s US talk issue. DeGeneres herself has no longer been implicated in any quandary of job allegations.

“I haven’t spoken to Ellen in years,” Heche suggested Mr Warburton Journal. “I’d listen to the these which delight in.”

She persisted: “If I’m standing someplace and I don’t luxuriate in what’s going on there and I dwell there, it’s my fault. So what are the actions that bought me there and why can’t I get out of it without reveal if that’s no longer something that I desire to be engaged in? Ellen is standing the set she walks, and that’s hers to continue that skedaddle.”

While Heche said that she has no longer been enthusiastic with DeGeneres, she added that she has no regrets about their time together.

“Our time became as soon as a amazing fragment of my lifestyles and one which I wear with honour,” Heche said. “I became as soon as a ingredient of a revolution that created social swap, and I’d no longer delight in done that without falling in fancy with her.”

Heche suffered profession backlash in the wake of her relationship with DeGeneres, with her role in the Harrison Ford romantic comedy Six Days Seven Nights threatened as a end result. It became as soon as finest after being publicly supported by Ford that she became as soon as permitted to dwell in the role.

Workers at DeGeneres’s talk issue had been this week (17 August) suggested that steps are being taken to beef up their work ambiance, following the findings of an inner investigation.

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