TCL 6-Sequence Roku TVs are readily on the market now with mini-LED, 120Hz and THX gaming

For the first time, mini-LED tech is at the moment on the market in TVs beneath $1,000.


For the final two years, TCL’s 6-Sequence Roku TV has earned my Editors’ Resolution Award as the handiest TV for the money. The up as much as now 2020 model launched on Tuesday provides mini-LED abilities, an development to no longer unusual LED backlights that first regarded in the improbable 8-Sequence, while preserving the identical appealing midrange imprint. The fresh TCL 6-Sequence also provides gaming-pleasant extras love 120Hzvariable refresh fee and THX sport mode, and in incompatibility to final year it now is on the market in a 75-lunge size. In short, it would be better than ever.

At the identical time TCL could per chance be introducing the 2020 5-Sequence. It costs decrease than the 6-Sequence and lacks mini-LED, nonetheless does encompass enhancements love QLED and corpulent-array local dimming to boot to being readily on the market in a smaller 50-lunge size. Later this year, TCL will also liberate an 8K resolution model of the 8-Sequence, as wisely as 2020 versions of its standard budget 3-Sequence and 4-Sequence fashions.

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All of those fresh TCL TVs will proceed to be powered by the Roku TV working diagram, my favourite perfect TV platform for its simplicity, frequent updates and breadth of apps (Peacock and HBO Max however).

The 6-Sequence is at the moment on the market in restricted quantities starting as we disclose time, while the 5-Sequence is in stores and on-line now. 

TCL 2020 6-Sequence, 5-Sequence Roku TVs

Mannequin Measurement (inches) Local dimming zones Mini-LED Refresh fee Trace
75R635 75 240 Yes 120Hz $1,400
65R635 65 160 Yes 120Hz $900
55R635 55 128 Yes 120Hz $650
75S535 75 80 No 60Hz $1,100
65S535 65 56 No 60Hz $630
55S535 55 48 No 60Hz $450
50S535 50 40 No 60Hz $400

What attain you bag, Katzmaier?

Generally I encompass this part at the live, nonetheless this is 2020 and you nearly absolutely could additionally peaceable no longer have time to be taught your entire detailed crap beneath, so I’m placing it appropriate right here: I would no longer know after all till I assessment them. TCL says I’ll be receiving a 6-Sequence assessment pattern to take a look at out in my basement quickly.

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What’s that? You do no longer are spirited to aid till then? OK, this is my handiest advice. 

As at all times Sad Friday season in mid-November will point out steep reductions. I bag TCL will tumble the cost of the fresh 2020 6-Sequence a hundred bucks at the least, and additional for the 75-incher. Whenever which you could, wait till then. 

Whenever which you could well love a brand fresh TV now, I’m guessing the 2019 TCLs — now readily on the market for $800 for the 65-incher, as an instance, and certain to tumble aid to $700 or much less quickly — will be a better deal than the fresh 6-Sequence. I in actual fact don’t think the 2020 enhancements (detailed beneath) will be fee the additional $100 to $200 for most investors, and the 2019 6-Sequence will likely function better than the more cost-effective 2020 5-Sequence. 

And then there’s the 2019 8-Sequence. I’m sure this could additionally be a better performer than the 2020 6-Sequence overall, and or no longer it has been going on sale lately for steep reductions: as microscopic as $1,000 for the 65-lunge size and $1,500 for the 75-incher. Presumably those gross sales will scurry away for the following month or two so TCL doesn’t cannibalize 2020 6-Sequence gross sales, nonetheless in the occasion that they reappear, for Sad Friday or sooner, they make the “aged” 8 a better uncover than the fresh 6.

Now with out additional ado, this is what else it is advisable to know in regards to the fresh TCL Roku TVs.

Roku is CNET’s favourite perfect TV diagram.


Mini-LED comes to more cost-effective TVs

Mini-LEDs are, as you have guessed, smaller than no longer unusual LEDs, allowing them to be grouped into extra local dimming zones. Stout-array local dimming is the handiest approach to enhance relate quality on LCD TVs. It enables the backlight — the part in the aid of the LCD veil veil that offers illumination — to sad and illuminate diverse areas concurrently. Smaller areas, or dimming zones, point out extra accurate illumination, which in the extinguish will increase distinction, an awfully great ingredient in an honest relate.

Read extra:  Mini-LED is right here: How smaller lights could additionally lead to broad TV enhancements

TCL is peaceable the handiest TV maker to make employ of mini-LED abilities, first in the 8-Sequence and now in the 6-Sequence, nonetheless specs on the 6-Sequence are no longer virtually as impressive. The more cost-effective 6 has round 1,000 LEDs and as much as 240 zones, while the dearer 8 has 10,000 mini-LEDs and 1,000 zones. For that motive I don’t request the 6-Sequence to function as wisely as the 8-Sequence.

TCL says the benefits of mini-LED in the 6-Sequence encompass better uniformity, “extra great” brightness and “increased distinction precision” when put next with final year’s mannequin, nonetheless didn’t present any longer specifics. How it compares to 2020 rivals akin to the Vizio P-Sequence and Sony X900H remains to be viewed. The Vizio indubitably has extra local dimming zones than the TCL — 200 on the 65-lunge size — and Sony doesn’t sigh its sequence of zones, nonetheless each and every fee extra than the 6-Sequence and neither employ mini-LED. We will have to aid for the reviews to peek sure.

65-lunge and better sizes in the 5- and 6-Sequence offer two selections in stand leg discipline: the phenomenal edge or extra in the direction of the heart. 


Improved gaming? Thanks, THX

The assorted broad feature addition is one thing called “THX certified sport mode.” Or no longer it’s some distance a diverse relate mode for video video games that mixes low enter dawdle (TCL doesn’t disclose how low, nonetheless) with aspects love Auto Game Mode, which turns on sport mode robotically when linked to a love minded instrument, and Variable Refresh Rate, which reduces tearing and diverse artifacts in some video games. The 2019 6-Sequence had AGM nonetheless lacked VRR. 

TCL says the fresh 6-Sequence can settle for inputs of as much as 4K/120Hz and variable refresh charges from 48 to 120 frames per 2nd. Not like some TVs, it doesn’t enhance proprietary VRR systems love Nvidia G-Sync (LG TVs handiest) and AMD Freesync. Of present sport consoles, the Xbox One X and One S enhance VRR and will work with the fresh 6-Sequence; the upcoming Xbox Sequence X and PS5 will also enhance VRR.

Or no longer it’s tricky to converse how mighty of a ideal development THX’s special sauce will present, nonetheless the gaming specs of the fresh 6-Sequence remark it at the least as much as par with those of rivals akin to Vizio. 

As well to THX sport mode, VRR and mini-LED, the 6-Sequence has a pair diverse aspects no longer readily on the market on the 5-Sequence:

TCL’s 5-Sequence lacks mini-LED nonetheless now entails local dimming and QLED color.


5-Sequence gets a bump too

I unnoticed the step-down 5-Sequence final year as a result of it lacked corpulent-array local dimming. For 2020, TCL entails that feature as wisely as quantum dot color, making the 5 a foremost on-paper rival to fashions akin to the Vizio M-Sequence. 

Both the 5- and 6-Sequence part a brand fresh dual-discipline stand leg association on the 65- and 75-lunge sizes that point out which you could discipline the legs both out in the direction of the fringe of the panel or extra in the direction of the heart. Both also encompass a cable cozy in the legs that point out which you could kinda cover HDMI, energy and diverse connectors.

Diverse aspects no longer unusual to each and every series encompass:

8K 8-Sequence coming this year

In 2019, TCL stated an 8K TV would be coming later in the year, nonetheless it in the extinguish failed to direct one for the US market. This year it says the identical thing. The 8K mannequin will come “accurate through the identical time” as the fresh sport consoles, stated Aaron Dew, TCL’s director of fresh product construction on a convention call with reporters. That pegs the TV’s liberate date sometime earlier than the holiday season, per chance November.

Dew described the 8K TV as an 8K model of the present 8-Sequence, so this could additionally likely encompass mini-LED, excessive brightness and all of those TVs’ extras at the least. The present, 4K model of the 8-Sequence will remain on sale one day of the year.

3- and 4-Sequence budget TVs: stunning mighty the identical for 2020

TCL also happens to make some of our favourite budget (be taught: dirt-low-fee) TVs in the gain of the 3-Sequence and 4-Sequence. For 2020 the corporate is no longer any longer altering mighty. Here’s what TCL’s get told CNET:

We are able to be transitioning mighty of 3- and 4-Sequence in the arriving months. The changes will be minor updates and timing varies by-mannequin. The key distinction from S425 [2019 model] to S435 [2020] in 4-Sequence is the addition of an HDMI port (from 3 to 4) on 50-lunge and above. All diverse efficiency and specs will remain same even though cosmetics will be rather of diverse. 32S325 becomes 32S335 and 55S425 becomes 55S435, as an instance.

Or no longer it’s fee declaring that TCL is in the mean time selling a 2020 model of the 3-Sequence in 32- and 40-lunge sizes that runs the Android TV working diagram in want to Roku. It did no longer state any additional Android-powered TVs for the US market.

I anticipate reviewing the fresh TCL TVs quickly. For the time being, let me know have to you have any questions in the statement part.

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