Garmin Fenix 6/6S Professional Photo voltaic Evaluate: What’s recent & diversified

This day Garmin has prolonged the photo voltaic option on the Fenix 6 series to encompass the Fenix 6S Professional and Fenix 6 Professional devices, completing the family that began last year with the Fenix 6X Professional Photo voltaic. Now all three Professional devices provide a photograph voltaic-geared up option. In addition, Garmin also announced a recent Garmin Instinct Photo voltaic lineup too. Previous adding in photo voltaic panel tech, the watches also earn some recent parts equivalent to Indoor Mountain climbing and Bouldering, as effectively as a brand recent browsing integration with Surfline sessions.

Now, for this overview, I’m truncating it to level of curiosity on the parts that are recent or diversified. Whereas I’ve been the spend of these devices for approximately a month now, the reality is that with regards to no parts of them are diversified than the existing Fenix 6 Professional series…besides the photo voltaic panel items. Along with the recent gadget bits that have largely been available in beta on the existing Fenix 6 series watches for the past month (such because the recent sleep monitoring and heart rate broadcasting bits).

Level being, while I could perhaps perchance perchance re-write a whole overview speaking about fundamentals treasure step monitoring and learn how to configure sport records pages, or learn how to sync to Spotify – I’ve already performed that. And nothing has changed in those areas. That’s your whole same. And within the spend of these watches on my wrist 24×7 since then – I’m in a position to verify no differences between a non-Photo voltaic Fenix 6 Professional and a Photo voltaic Fenix 6 Professional in those areas. Of route, even the GPS & HR accuracy parts haven’t truly changed – however I love some accuracy charts – so you’ll earn those down under for enjoyable.

With that, let’s dive into it!

What’s recent:

Now, there’s truly more to the Fenix 6 Professional Photo voltaic devices than merely a contact bit of photo voltaic panel. There’s also some recent gadget parts. But awe not, these non-photo voltaic explicit parts are also being added to all Fenix 6 series devices. But, to recap all the pieces that’s recent there’s:

– Added under-glass photo voltaic panel to Fenix 6S Professional & Fenix 6 Professional

– Added at some level of the brink photo voltaic panel to Fenix 6S Professional & Fenix 6 Professional

– Added Mountain Bike Grit & Float metrics (previously launched on Edge 530/830)

– Added Indoor Climb activity profile: Tracks indoor climbing metrics (more on this in a 2d)

– Added Bouldering activity profile (indoors): The same to the Indoor climb profile, however for Bouldering.

– Added recent Surfing activity profile with Surfline Sessions to produce movies with records overlays

Oh –and merely in case you skipped over it above: Certain, all those recent gadget parts are coming to the Fenix 6 series within the subsequent firmware update.

Doing a transient lap spherical through each of the recent non-photo voltaic parts (since your whole subsequent fragment is photo voltaic focused), first up is mountain bike Grit and Float. For folks who establish on their Garmin Edge cap, you’ll endure in mind they came out last spring with the Edge 530 and Edge 830. The Edge 1030 bought them in a firmware update, then the Edge 1030 Plus and even Edge 130 Plus a few weeks again.

On the establish a question to, you’ll purchase the mountain bike profile (it’s not enabled by default, so you’ll are looking so as to add it from the sports menu). Then, you’ll have to head and add these fields to your records fields. That’s kinda unfamiliar, since on a Garmin Edge tool it adds these routinely. Despite all the pieces, you’ll opt up them under the ‘Utterly different’ bucket:

There’s Grit, Lap Grit, Float, and Lap Float. Right here’s what they establish a question to treasure added to a single page:

Then, depart out and inch. I haven’t had any factual mountain bike chances as of leisurely. But, right here’s what the records will establish a question to treasure after the truth:

Subsequent, down under within the charts fragment they expose up there too, also coloration coded:

Show on the opposite hand, that there’s a exiguous incompatibility to the Garmin Edge devices – notably that they don’t encompass soar counting within the Fenix metrics. I believe that’s because with your hands potentially flapping spherical that’d dork up the accelerometer/gyro records (whereas an Edge is mounted to your bike – and ideally not flapping its wings mid-flight).

Subsequent there’s the recent Indoor Mountain climbing and Bouldering profiles.

Whenever you’re questioning what the variation is, truly Indoor Mountain climbing you exercise ropes to earn to the high, whereas Bouldering is in total tops out at lower heights (max 3-4 meters), so you’d save it without ropes. You can read this to treasure the nuances.

Indoor Mountain climbing Exercise Profile:

Will have to you first originate an Indoor Climb exercise, it’ll search info from whether or not you’d treasure to music the route stats. Again, right here is all indoors, so it’s not the spend of GPS. Will have to to earn yes, you’ll then purchase which grading system to spend.

In total there’s YDS, UIAA, French, British Adj., British Tech, Ewbank, Brazilian, and Saxon. You can substitute this mid-activity as effectively all over the Mountain climbing Profile settings.

At the same time as you’ve chosen a grading system, you’ll then purchase the allege:

At this level the establish a question to is willing to originate (after you press originate). It’ll music time, total ascent, and heart rate on one show (plus showing you the allege at the high).

There’s also then a page for Final route:

As effectively as a page for total routes:

At the same time as you’ve performed the route you’ll hit the lap key to ticket it as total. After which it’ll search info from whenever you’ve had any falls. From there it’ll depart into a rest show and await your subsequent climb to originate (whenever you hit the lap marker). In that sense it’s kinda treasure the indoor pool swimming with devices.

Afterwards on Garmin Connect it’ll expose you a breakdown of the considerable parts. And for certain it’ll sync that off to 3rd event apps/platforms treasure Strava/and many others…though, those don’t toughen all these metrics, so in the end it’ll be moderately restricted in what you establish a question to on 3rd event sites.

Bouldering Exercise Profile:

Subsequent, the Bouldering activity profile is moderately identical to that of the Indoor climbing one.

First you’ll purchase the grading system, in this case it supports V-Scale, Font, and Dankyu:

Subsequent, you’ll purchase the allege of the allege you’re about to climb. The categorical min/max levels it supports will fluctuate primarily primarily based totally on which grading system you’re the spend of:

As soon as willing to climb it’ll expose you the allege allege at the high, the time, and likewise you’re heart rate:

After you’ve performed climbing the route you’ll press the lap key merely treasure with indoor climbing. This would possibly perhaps perchance even then present you with three alternatives: Tag route as performed, ticket as tried, or discard the whole rooster. Indulge in with indoor climbing that that you would possibly perhaps perhaps presumably also establish a question to both the last route and total route records:


I’m not exactly a climber, on the opposite hand, DesFit did earn the likelihood to use a gaze at this allotment out – so if that’s your cup of tea, hit up his video on it.

That acknowledged, ironically, by pure coincidence I stumbled upon a ticket recent facility that merely opened up a mere 3 minute pedal from me. Up to now I’ve merely been a stalker and seemed throughout the windows – however maybe I’ll give it a inch.

Surfing profile with Surfline integration:

In the shatter, there’s the recent browsing profile records metrics with Surfline integration. You too can have seen the browsing metrics added as allotment of the more most recent Garmin Fenix 6 betas, after all, they had been truly making an try to search out other folks to beta take a look at it (which, by the appears to be like of it became as soon as moderately restricted to in discovering other folks).

Despite all the pieces, the potential it works is that you’ll first originate the surf activity profile, and then it’ll music the waves surfed, maximum velocity reached, and distance travelled all over the profile.


What’s truly attention-grabbing right here though is Garmin is integrating with Surfline for records overlays with video integration. Surfline is a browsing set of dwelling that that that you would possibly perhaps perhaps presumably also lookup tons of information about nearby spots. Wave stipulations and such. Alternatively, as well to that they’ve bought some 400 cameras pointed at waves that are recording to the cloud. At the moment they have gotten an Apple Opinion app that enables you to story your sessions on the establish a question to, and then in a while the positioning will opt up the particular video clips of you by spoiled-referencing the time stamps and GPS records.

So, with the Fenix integration that’s all supposed to work within the same formula. Alternatively, there’s no Surfline cameras anyplace shut to me (and even remotely shut to me). The nearest appears to be like to be on the diversified aspect of the English channel. But…at the least it appears to be like moderately there:

Despite all the pieces, I’m if truth be told the unsightly particular person to study this bit out. But it and not utilizing a doubt does expose Garmin’s ever-expanding sport profiles, and namely having real records for those profiles. Whereas some runners or cyclists would be treasure ‘That’s a ineffective characteristic…to me’, the article Garmin has discovered that virtually all diversified corporations haven’t is that one particular person’s ineffective characteristic is one other particular person’s most considerable characteristic.

There’s presently surf watches available within the market already, so clearly there’s question there. From Garmin’s perspective it’s moderately trivial to use an existing share of hardware and add a few further metrics. Whereas the purchase for a brand recent company to produce a brand recent smartwatch in 2020 is quite impossibly exhausting to earn ample question to make it work.

Despite all the pieces, whenever you’ve bought a Fenix 6 series establish a question to, that that you would possibly perhaps perhaps presumably also take a look at this characteristic out at present time throughout the beta. Or, merely await it to hit manufacturing doubtlessly any day now.

Photo voltaic & Battery Well-known parts:

When it comes to the Photo voltaic parts added to the Fenix 6 & 6S, they’re on the whole identical to that of the Fenix 6X Photo voltaic that became as soon as launched last summer time. Whereas whenever you checked out the recent Garmin Instinct Photo voltaic devices, those have a particular panel method than the Fenix series.

Now, as that that you would possibly perhaps perhaps presumably also endure in mind from my overview last year, Garmin most steadily sees the ‘X’ variant of the Fenix as a sequence to trial out recent applied sciences sooner than introducing them in other places. Final year, that became as soon as photo voltaic with the Fenix 6X Photo voltaic, whereas this year that’s being added to multiple devices. The photo voltaic items all comes from an acquisition of applied sciences from French company SunPartner Technologies. Garmin truly quietly made that acquisition again when the company filed for insolvency, a very long time sooner than they announced it within the Fenix 6X Photo voltaic last year.

On the whole photo voltaic-enabled Fenix 6 devices you’ll peek a very thin 1mm huge strip merely on the inside of the bezel. This is the first of two photo voltaic items.

This thin strip has 100% photovoltaic levels, that implies, it’s receiving 100% of the sun’s goodness and turning that into photo voltaic energy. It’s also clearly seen in vivid light, though you’d merely purchase it became as soon as a bezel produce facet. Interior without vivid light, this strip virtually disappears and blends into the bezel.

Alternatively, there’s a 2d photo voltaic panel that that you would possibly perhaps perhaps presumably also’t establish a question to – regardless of being your whole show face. Below the show is one other photo voltaic panel that has a 10% photovoltaic stage. This panel is for certain some distance elevated than that of the skinny bezel strip, however can be getting 10% of the sun’s rays, due to the the show blocking off worthy of it. Importantly though, both panels are fully under a single sheet of Gorilla Glass (namely Corning Gorilla Glass 3 with DX Coating). That implies, you won’t by likelihood scratch the bezel photo voltaic panel anymore than you’d on the whole scratch your establish a question to face.

Speaking of that establish a question to face, you’ll peek that there’s a tiny sun atop the default establish a question to face. That sun is truly showing you the latest depth stage. Around the fringe of the tiny sun are 10 items, each indicating 10% of corpulent depth. So whenever you establish a question to at the under characterize you’ll establish a question to the sun is coming in at 0% depth as I’m within the shade:

Subsequent, one other phone out in some damaged clouds stipulations and likewise that that you would possibly perhaps perhaps presumably also establish a question to it’s at about 70%:

And right here’s one other at 100% depth, with all traces lit up as effectively because the sun itself:

You too can furthermore establish a question to this within the Widget Glances too:

After which a collection at some stage within the last 6 hours of activity as effectively:

In addition, that that you would possibly perhaps perhaps presumably also establish a question to again at any day of historical past you ought to through Garmin Connect Cell:


The intention of the photo voltaic right here isn’t to totally energy the establish a question to, under GPS or otherwise. As an alternate, it’s to produce incremental battery existence (more on my sorting out on this in a 2d). Garmin notes this in their spacious-detailed battery existence chart. Show namely the idea of three hours per day of photo voltaic light at a reasonably excessive depth (corpulent sun on the whole). That goes both ways though. Whenever you’re mid-summer time and spending the day at the coastline (or exercise aspect), then you definately’ll potential overachieve right here. Versus if it’s mid-wintry climate and likewise you’re indoors…then not so worthy.

*Assumes all-day establish on with 3 hours per day in 50,000 lux stipulations

Assumes spend in 50,000 lux stipulations

Wait, so what’s 50,000 lux you search info from? It’s a reasonably sunny day, though, not living in Arizona in summer time kinda sunny. Right here’s what Wikipedia says about it:

Now Garmin doesn’t ever expose lux levels within the photo voltaic widgets. As an alternate, they expose a relative depth by job of photo voltaic energy. On a pure sunny day right here in July within the Netherlands, I without bother can earn the corpulent sun widget to illuminate. But, I’m in a position to also furthermore save that too even on a excessive light overcast day (that implies, a spacious excessive thin cloud layer). Even with a handful of clouds meandering spherical.

Meanwhile, for a allotment of my hike when it became as soon as raining I became as soon as getting anyplace between 20-50% photo voltaic depth levels, looking on the particular cloud passing by. Level is, it’s not as drastic as you’d mediate.

Right here’s the everyday main takeaways though:

A) Whenever you’re spending 3+ hours originate air (non-exercise mode) that that you would possibly perhaps perhaps presumably even be in a sequence to drag off one thing shut to battery just in a pared down configuration (not worthy notifications/and many others…).

B) Whereas originate air on longer hikes in considerable sun, photo voltaic will if truth be told lengthen your battery existence, potentially loads. Or potentially under no circumstances.

In expose to study this, I went out for an extended hike/stroll thing the day prior to this. For this take a look at I when put next a Fenix 6 Professional with a Fenix 6 Professional Photo voltaic, identically configured with every doable atmosphere I could perhaps perchance perchance opt up. The idea became as soon as to dash for approximately 3 hours within the sun in moderately huge originate areas (dunes mostly), however for certain, the climate dorked with my plans, so it begins off sunny and then in the end bought moderately wet.

Right here’s the battery burn charts for the dash:

As that that you would possibly perhaps perhaps presumably also establish a question to, it’s on the whole not doable to bid the variation between the 2 Fenix devices, even after 3 hours. I’m certain brighter sun would have helped the Fenix, though in having a gaze at some diversified 1-2 hour activities it hasn’t varied a ton either. The nuance between the burn rates at that level is truly worthy.

In speaking with Garmin about battery burn rates recorded to files, that in total you’ll earn more concrete outcomes with longer activities than shorter ones. Also, due to the frequency in which the battery impress is updated, a few seconds one potential or the diversified when we’re speaking 0.08% incompatibility can lead to a mountainous swing (because it’s easiest recorded at whole numbers).  That’s interesting, and is moderately total for any battery technology that whenever you truly are looking to earn a factual idea of the battery burn rates that or not it would possibly perhaps perchance perchance be mandatory to measure longer sessions of time.

And if we establish a question to at an extended hike I did last summer time with the Fenix 6X Photo voltaic and Fenix 6 non-photo voltaic aspect by aspect, that that you would possibly perhaps perhaps presumably also establish a question to the affect of the battery burn rate when I hit the sun coming out of the tree line. After I’m under the tree-line within the bushes (up till about 1hr 30minutes), that that you would possibly perhaps perhaps presumably also establish a question to battery burn rate is set equal, however when I certain the tree-line (spherical 1hr 30 marker), and am again into the sun, battery existence burn on the 6X Photo voltaic slows. Quite wintry. Show that if that is the case we’re looking to ignore the slope of the non-Photo voltaic unit, because it has a smaller battery, however as a change not the quite loads of incompatibility between those out as soon as out of the sun.

By the potential, those battery charts are with the DCR Analyzer. We set battery existence for devices that toughen writing it to the files, including Garmin, Wahoo, and Stages.

Now, it’s considerable to show that this won’t truly energy up the establish a question to any from dull, at the least not in any meaningful potential. Final summer time I tried this after I left a Fenix 6X Photo voltaic atop an RV out in a self-discipline for 12 hours. It became as soon as fully dull after I positioned it accessible – 0% battery. After I returned after a day of tough bluebird sky sun and not utilizing a single cloud, it became as soon as aloof powered off. Alternatively, upon powering it again on it found itself 4% battery.

It’s also at this juncture that I noticed I it sounds as if never edited that video that I shot for it. Huh.

In the same method, at present time within the morning while it became as soon as nice and sunny without clouds I stuck a establish a question to on a tree branch with out a branches above it. This time it became as soon as powered on, with corpulent sun. After I returned about 65 minutes later, the battery hadn’t elevated at all – aloof 16%.


Pointless to claim, that’s possible not long ample – especially when balanced out by notifications coming in (however no GPS on). No doubt that that you would possibly perhaps perhaps presumably also earn a itsy-bitsy make better in battery existence from moderately a few hours originate air as Garmin indicates. Of us have seen it. But my level right here is search info from it to be moderately of minimal.

Examine this with one thing treasure the Casio GBD-H1000 GPS, that will without bother energy up from dull to not dull the spend of merely photo voltaic panel in a reasonably short quantity of time (couple hours at most), and if truth be told earn sustainable photo voltaic energy from the panels. No longer ample to last forever doing GPS activities, however and not utilizing a doubt tons to meaningfully wait on when placing originate air on a sunny day not recording.

Pointless to claim, that’s a particular beast of a establish a question to, and the more I spend it, the more I realize there’s truly not worthy real-world overlap with either the Fenix 6 or Instinct. In any case, it easiest has a single sport mode: Delivery air slide, and no formula to set of dwelling any diversified mode. Plus, it’s certain that Casio isn’t making an try to hide the photo voltaic panels, moderately it turns into allotment of the interesting.

Whereas Garmin seems to be to intention to make it such that you’d never peek the panels whenever you didn’t explicitly know they had been there, and where they had been. Utterly different strokes for diversified other folks. But, at the same time, I’m hoping we’ll establish a question to more gains from Garmin in some unspecified time in the future.

They did show that the Fenix 6/6S/6X Photo voltaic and Instinct Photo voltaic would all be regarded as from the same photo voltaic panel technology “technology”.

GPS Accuracy:

There’s possible no topic that stirs as worthy dialogue and keenness as GPS accuracy.  A establish a question to would possibly perhaps perchance perchance collapse and present you with dire electrical shocks while doing so, however if it reveals you on the unsightly aspect of the avenue?  Oh hell no, mutter on the fury of the web!

GPS accuracy would possibly perhaps perchance even be checked out in moderately a few diversified ways, however I clutch to establish a question to at it the spend of moderately a few devices in real-world eventualities at some level of a huge selection of activities.  I spend 2-6 diversified devices instantly, making an try to earn a clear characterize of how a given set of dwelling of devices handles stipulations on a particular day.  Situations encompass all the pieces from tree/building duvet to climate.

Over the years, I’ve persisted to tweak my GPS sorting out methodology.  To illustrate, I try to not place two devices subsequent to each diversified on my wrists, as that can affect signal. If I save so, I’ll establish a skinny fabric spacer of about 1”/3cm between them (I didn’t save that on any of my Instinct activities on the opposite hand, all workout routines easiest had a single tool per wrist).  But most steadily I’ll merely elevate diversified devices by the straps, or keep them to the shoulder straps of my hydration backpack.  Plus, sporting multiple watches on the same wrist is effectively identified to affect optical HR accuracy.

Subsequent, as illustrious, I spend merely my day-to-day practising routes.  The usage of a single route time and as soon as more isn’t truly indicative of real-world stipulations, it’s merely indicative of 1 path.  The workout routines you establish a question to right here are merely my long-established day-to-day workout routines.

First up we’ll originate with one thing moderately easy, my 10-mile hike the day prior to this. The intention of this became as soon as mostly to quit in originate-air areas to earn more photo voltaic energy. Quiet, there became as soon as a wooded fragment the last mile or so. Right here’s that records set of dwelling. This set of dwelling included a Polar Grit X, Garmin Instinct, Instinct Photo voltaic, Fenix 6 Professional, and Fenix 6 Professional Photo voltaic.

For the first couple kilometers, your whole devices had been on the whole identical. Again, there’s on the whole nothing out right here to obstruct the GPS peek:

Then, I bought to the coastline home. Alongside the waterfront there are truly immense condo/resort buildings that I came moderately shut too. But there became as soon as no meaningful affect to GPS accuracy on any of the devices:

Then it became as soon as off into the dunes for moderately. And as soon as more, all spacious wearisome right here:

As I bought into the bushes, I started seeing a tiny bit of variation between the devices. But we’re on the whole speaking 2-3 meters incompatibility offset from the path. And it varied which devices had been most correct. On the whole the 2 Instinct devices gave the impression nearest the music most cases. All devices had been configured with the same GPS+GLONASS.


Alternatively, I save are looking to hasty show that with about 100m to head, the Instinct Photo voltaic restarted randomly. It didn’t lose any GPS music records, and allowed me to resume. But it and not utilizing a doubt oddly added with regards to some mile (~1.5km) to the summary distance with out a cause. It also added 15 minutes. Neither of those make any sense, and Garmin is having a gaze into it. It didn’t affect the GPS music, however merely the whole impress proven on the unit and  in Garmin Connect.

So in the end, while GPS accuracy became as soon as moderately factual, the restart gave me further credit score for no cause.

Subsequent we’ve bought a more metropolis-focused slide, including going through some buildings. For this one I had with my a Instinct Photo voltaic, Casio GBD-1000, Polar Grit X, Fenix 6 Professional Photo voltaic, and Forerunner 935. Right here’s that records set of dwelling:

The Casio oddly had GPS lock, showed GPS, began with GPS lock…however then determined towards recording the first mile or so of GPS records to the file. I’m not certain why it became as soon as upset. You set a question to it originate mid-potential throughout the slide, above, within the center of a pond.

In any tournament, zooming into the park allotment first (which is steadily under tree duvet this time of year), you’ll establish a question to that the Instinct Photo voltaic and Grit X had been doubtlessly closest to the path on the southern aspect (however became as soon as moderately more wobbly on the northern aspect straightaway). The Fenix 6 Professional Photo voltaic became as soon as moderately darn gentle on all facets. The Casio gave the impression moderately drunk on the turns, however became as soon as mostly pretty for the straightaways.

Subsequent, are some buildings. This included running down a avenue with 5-6 memoir buildings on all facets (proven at left under). The Garmin/Polar devices nailed this, predicament on. The Casio…went having a gaze. Also, for those bizarre – the Casio became as soon as on my interesting wrist, and the Instinct Photo voltaic on my left wrist. The diversified devices had been all on the handlebar of the running stroller.

Also of show above is that I went throughout the Rijksmuseum, and most of the watches had been moderately factual at that. It’s doubtlessly 100-125m long of no GPS signal under a huge building. The Instinct Photo voltaic moderately of lower the corner towards the discontinue, however otherwise it became as soon as moderately effectively-organized.

This subsequent fragment I ran twice, so it appears to be like moderately crowded, however it and not utilizing a doubt’s factual to survey how identical each unit became as soon as since I ran within the same predicament at any time when. You set a question to the Casio and FR935 are more variable, whereas the Fenix 6 Professional Photo voltaic, Polar Grit X, and Instinct Photo voltaic tended to be much less variable.

In the shatter, for summary stats, that that you would possibly perhaps perhaps presumably also establish a question to those under. Show that the Casio doesn’t write the summary records to a file…because it truly doesn’t write any files. As an alternate, or not it would possibly perhaps perchance perchance be mandatory to download a file from Strava, and that file doesn’t encompass the summary records properly written (because Casio doesn’t ship it).

I’ve performed piles more workout routines with the Fenix 6 Professional Photo voltaic since early June. Of route, virtually every exercise you establish a question to on Strava since then has been with the Fenix 6 Professional Photo voltaic. Rides, runs, hikes, stand-up scurry boarding both within the forest and metropolis – all that unit. To illustrate, right here’s a scurry with it spherical Amsterdam. You’ll establish a question to 1 predicament where the 2 traces separate on the northern western edge. If that’s the case, it’s because I had my board atop my wrist as I became as soon as portaging at some level of a non-connecting canal. Whereas the Fenix 6 Professional (non-Photo voltaic) would possibly perhaps perchance perchance establish a question to the sky, so the music there is more correct. But that’s moderately sensible.

Despite all the pieces, I merely don’t establish a question to any meaningful incompatibility between the Photo voltaic variant of the Fenix 6 Professional and the non-Photo voltaic variant. Which is to impart that for most other folks in most scenarios GPS accuracy can be merely pretty. Indulge in with diversified watches, you’ll aloof establish a question to diversifications. Given all Garmin/Suunto/Polar/COROS devices are the spend of the same GPS chipset series from Sony, the accuracy tends to be moderately identical.


After releasing the Fenix 6X Photo voltaic last summer time, question exceeded offer. And presumably more worthy for Garmin, offer didn’t meet expectations. The corporate struggled through a interesting chunk of Drop 2019 with yield connected to the photo voltaic panel applied sciences. In any case, it became as soon as their first establish a question to incorporating the tech, and they considerable to kind out the manufacturing aspect of things. But now, with regards to a year later they’ve clearly performed that. Provide is colossal for the Fenix 6X Photo voltaic, and since then they’ve rolled out a Quatix edition establish a question to with Photo voltaic, and now with regards to a dozen Instinct Photo voltaic variants and a huge swath of Fenix 6S Professional and 6 Professional photo voltaic variants. Clearly, they’ve found their groove on this photo voltaic thing.

Alternatively, with the Fenix 6/6S/6X Professional Photo voltaic editions namely, it’s exhausting to truly establish a question to the profit of photo voltaic in day to day scenarios. Obvious, on vivid sunny summer time days with 8-10 hours of tough sunlight exterior time you’ll if truth be told establish a question to a profit. But, for the the rest of the year, you doubtlessly won’t profit worthy. And that’s moderately of to reach with the truth that the Garmin Fenix series mostly tries to hide the photo voltaic panel. Examine that to the recent Instinct Photo voltaic which is makes spend of vastly more photo voltaic panel all over the show to earn with regards to a 30% bump in GPS on-time, and an ‘Limitless Energy’ type mode in a battery-saving establish a question to mode. I’d truly treasure to survey Garmin push the boundaries moderately more with the Fenix series.

Quiet – whenever it’s good to have the photo voltaic tech in a 6 or 6S build component – it’s right here now, and willing to roll. And, for every person else that already has a Fenix 6 series, then you definately’ll have the profit of your whole recent surf/sleep/climbing/bouldering parts. So, appears to be like to be use-use for now.

With that – thanks for studying!

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Fenix 6S Professional Photo voltaic (purchase descend-down for bundles)

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Fenix 6 Professional Photo voltaic (EU/UK/AU/NZ – Wiggle)

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Garmin Cadence Sensor V2 Amazon This is a twin ANT+/Bluetooth Dapper biking cadence sensor that you strap to your crank arm, however also does twin Bluetooth Dapper, so that that you would possibly perhaps perhaps presumably also pair it both to Zwift and one other Bluetooth Dapper app instantly whenever it’s good to have.
Garmin HRM-DUAL Chest Strap Amazon This is one amongst the high two straps I spend day-to-day for accuracy comparisons (the diversified being the Polar H9/H10). It’s twin ANT+/Bluetooth Dapper, and truly twin-Bluetooth Dapper too, in case it’s good to have multiple connectons.
Garmin HRM-TRI/HRM-SWIM Straps Amazon Whereas optical HR works on some more recent Garmin watches, whenever you are making an try to search out elevated levels of accuracy, the HRM-TRI or HRM-SWIM are the finest Garmin-treasure minded alternatives accessible to comprise the gap.
Garmin Puck Charger Amazon Critically, this can also substitute your existence. $9 for a two-pack of those puck Garmin chargers that quit establish and quit connected. One for the place of business, one to your bedside, one other to your earn, and one to your canines home. Honest in case.
Garmin Poke Sensor V2 Amazon This velocity sensor is queer in that it’ll story offline (sans-establish a question to), making it ultimate for a commuter bike quietly recording your rides. But it and not utilizing a doubt’s also a veteran ANT+/BLE sensor that pairs to your tool. It’s change into my depart-to bustle sensor.

Or, one thing else to earn up on Amazon helps toughen the positioning as effectively (socks, laundry detergent, cowbells). Whenever you’re originate air the US, I’ve bought links to the whole main particular particular person country Amazon stores on the sidebar towards the high.

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