There are only some smartphones below $100 that we’d finally counsel, but the Nokia 1.3 is one in every of our selected few.

Whereas we incessantly exhaust time with devices that reach the upper echelons of three figures, the reverse finish of the spectrum is more of a minefield. As soon as you occur to are taking a look for a “contemporary” smartphone below $150, you are contending with functions actually sliding off the spec sheet, the lower that tag tag will get.

As soon as you gain below $300, it starts getting finally tough to gain a “constant” and “cohesive” journey. You’re on the total coping with the least expensive chipsets, lower-quality gives, and overall, an journey from a “contemporary” smartphone on this differ is on the total outstripped by a dilapidated instrument — specifically pale flagships. Unless you merely must bewitch a tag contemporary handset, procuring for dilapidated is finally a considerable design to gain a pale flagship at deal entry point. It concurrently helps the planet by reducing raze.

Heck, we’d always counsel upping your price range where conceivable ethical for longevity purposes. You’ve potentially heard the phrase, “Lift low-tag, bewitch twice.” That no doubt appears to be like to be the case with smartphones, even at this stage of 2020. Nokia has gone for a special tack with their least expensive 2020 instrument.

On account of exchange guarantees and person-replaceable parts, it goes to at the least closing for a short time but. Whether or no longer it’s price brooding about is a more tough place a matter to to acknowledge to, even supposing.

Hardware and arrangement

Less expensive hardware on the total strategy some throwback arrangement decisions and the Nokia 1.3 is no longer any diverse. Initially, there are some inclusions that acquire all but disappeared from the high finish, adore the removable battery and backplate, a headphone port, and micro-USB port. All of those acquire roughly disappeared from most high-finish devices.

Plastic dominates, but the textured attain of the backplate in the charcoal grey coloration is unbelievable. It aides grip and even supposing no longer moderately the same, rings a bell in my memory of the sandstone attain seen on older OnePlus devices. I adore the coloration and would are searching to take a look at something the same on more smartphones at even greater tag brackets.

I acquire learned the backplate a miniature bit of more tough to determine out than diverse Nokia units, as there is no longer such a thing as a evident lip to allow you unclip from the physique. It strategy that while which that you just would possibly perchance presumably also make a selection the battery, it’s a miniature bit of more fiddly than accepted. I learned the finest design is to use your thumb and pry up with your fingernail from the micro-USB port.

So the internals are a miniature bit of distinctive for the form of low-tag instrument. Generally we discover a pair of MediaTek processor, but this time round you’ll catch the Qualcomm Snapdragon 215 chipset, 1GB of RAM, and 16GB of internal storage, which can even be expanded through microSD card up to 400GB.

Level to

Don’t lumber in with massively high hopes — the 5.7-hump IPS LCD recount is appropriate but toward the low finish. It has surprisingly runt bezels even supposing for the form of low-tag smartphone, but there is a sizeable chin with that Nokia logo embossed below the glass.

It doesn’t gain specifically shiny, but it indubitably’s finally no longer unpleasant by any metric. At 1,520 by 720 pixels, the 19:9 aspect ratio recount is surprisingly bright at round 295ppi. My largest gripe was once that there is a rear-facing speaker, which intended that videos weren’t moderately as immersive as comparably sized devices.

On the opposite hand, the Nokia 1.3’s recount is no longer essentially the most vibrant or coloration-prosperous. Pictures and videos can feel a miniature bit of muted and uninteresting. Is it deplorable? No, but it indubitably’s no longer considerable when put next to diverse decent panels.

Utility and efficiency

Cease no longer search knowledge from to be doing something else diverse than the fundamentals on the Nokia 1.3, as this finally is no longer a high-finish performer by any metric. That mentioned, because this comes with the colorful-lightweight Android 10 version of Android Bolt it performs a heck of considerably better than which that you just would possibly perchance presumably also search knowledge from. That’s all as a result of the “Bolt” versions of accepted Google tool that which that you just would possibly perchance rely on.

For those that obtained’t take into accout, Google Bolt is an extremely-streamlined version of Android One. It looks to be and feels dazzling the same but changes were made to explain that that overall hardware is able to running what we incessantly retain in mind “inventory Android.”

Being fully proper, here’s a smartphone that which that you just would possibly perchance must retain in mind “unhurried.” Coming from flagship devices, the knockdown in whisk is straight apparent. As soon as the Nokia 1.3 will get warmed up it’s on the total ethical horny, but it indubitably can dangle a short time for issues to load or gain going. As soon as you occur to are dilapidated to colorful slick loading and efficiency, which that you just would possibly perchance initiate to gain pissed off. As soon as you occur to can even acquire finest dilapidated inexpensive devices beforehand, this obtained’t be an jam.

Android 10 is furthermore no longer moderately the same as the “beefy-fats” version. You attain gain the native shadowy mode, plus all the contemporary Digital Wellbeing tweaks, but there is no longer such a thing as a room for the Android 10 gestures. I’m guessing here’s merely a efficiency-connected omission. Some can also finally buy the on-display camouflage camouflage 3-button navigation even supposing, plus it’s easy to determine and gain dilapidated to.

I acquire noticed some lock-united states of americawhen searching out for to attain too noteworthy. 1GB of RAM finally does hinder the Nokia 1.3 more so than the leisure from what I will recount. Follow ethical one project at a time and it’s rather more horny to use. It’s furthermore price noting that the Nokia 1.3 will gain updates till at the least Android 12, which is more spectacular given the price stamp than something else. No subject Android Bolt being lightweight, I acquire concerns about how neatly this phone will carry out in two years’ time.

A attention-grabbing inclusion at some stage in the tool is that of face liberate. The registration job was once dazzling painless, but since registering, I’m no longer finally determined it has even worked properly but. Presumably it’s an jam with my unit, but it indubitably’s something to model, especially as there is no longer such a thing as a bodily fingerprint scanner.


The Nokia 1.3 has a modest 8-megapixel camera that isn’t specifically considerable. On the opposite hand, here’s the first instrument to ship with Google Digicam Bolt pre-installed. I’m no longer entirely determined if it makes a giant distinction given the dilapidated camera hardware, but you attain gain some colorful inclusions.

I would recount you toggle HDR mode on factual away, otherwise, your pictures can even be dingy, shadowy, and lacking in any form of vibrancy. This finally helps add some existence and persona to pictures, especially brooding relating to the camera is a indispensable dilapidated point of this kit.

Portrait mode is on hand on the front-facing and rear cameras, due to Google Digicam Bolt. The outcomes, as we mentioned in our preliminary fingers-on, are spotty but level-headed put collectively to be spectacular, given the weakened hardware on offer here.

Being proper, the camera is blended at simplest. Generally there is an absence of sharpness, but diverse cases it’s finally no longer deplorable the least bit and would possibly perchance presumably even be spectacular.


The three,000mAh battery for a phone of this dimension isn’t more seemingly to be too noteworthy of an jam. That’s in fraction as a result of the low-energy CPU along with the low-resolution recount. Add in Android Bolt, and also you’ve bought a recipe of all-day longevity.

Being in a location to ethical swap out the battery goes to be a mountainous blueprint for quite quite so a lot of folk on the market. I’m level-headed disappointed that that you just need to tag with a micro-USB cable but it indubitably’s a low-tag connector, and cables are easy to exchange and dangle up for low-tag. Don’t search knowledge from a two-day smartphone except you don’t work along with it noteworthy at some stage in the day.


As soon as you occur to desire a backup smartphone or ethical a burner phone with dual SIM and removable battery alternate recommendations, then the Nokia 1.3 is a in actuality solid option. To be fully proper, even supposing, I feel that which that you just’ll be better off retaining on, saving up, and picking up the Nokia 5.3 while which that you just would possibly perchance adore a considerably better overall journey — albeit at double the price.

We on the total talk relating to the diversifications between those $1,000+ flagship telephones and the sub-$500 mid-differ devices. At the “upright” sub-$200 segments, you finally initiate to take a look at all corners slashed to slit charges. The Nokia 1.3 is no longer “deplorable,” but while which that you just would possibly perchance presumably also double that $99 entry and gain decent efficiency and a considerably better overall journey, then it turns into more tough to counsel — that’s even with assured tool updates till at the least Android 12.

Either design, it’s a colorful miniature kit that would possibly perchance be supreme as a backup or for a runt miniature one, aged relative, or one to preserve in the vehicle in case of emergencies. Making it your most main instrument is something we’d actively recount you to manual particular of. It would possibly perchance well presumably even be a factual low-tag MP3 player for runs, which doubles as a level of contact.

Where can I gain the Nokia 1.3?

Whereas we’d level-headed counsel you lumber for the Nokia 5.3 at $199, which that you just would possibly perchance presumably also dangle up the Nokia 1.3 for $99 from Amazon US.

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