TikTok app list on Google Play Store now has 24 million user opinions, down from 28 million couple of days ago

Recently we saw TikTok’s overall app review ranking plod up from 1.2 to 1.6. In line with reviews, this came about after Google eliminated 1,000,000 user review rankings from Play Store, most of which were 1-star rankings for TikTok. After the elimination, the app ranking numbers came down from 28 million to 27 million. Nonetheless, after a pair of days, the app ranking numbers salvage gone further down to 24 million. This trend that Google would possibly perchance merely salvage eliminated some 3 million more user opinions and rankings from the app. Despite the real fact that it’s a long way no longer for definite if Google has been laying aside the rankings from Play Store or users themselves are deleting their opinions. Nonetheless, the overall ranking stays the same at 1.6 for now.

For those unaware, Google Play Store calculates the user review essentially based fully totally on the app’s fresh quality rankings as an alternate of lifetime moderate mark of user opinions. Nonetheless, with more rankings eliminated from the Play Store, we’re at possibility of gape a tiny bit of more increase within the overall ranking of TikTok within the arrival days.

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Ever since the CarryMinati YouTube vs TikTok debacle started, the latter has no longer been getting certain opinions on the salvage. Many claimed that the quality of videos on TikTok are decrease than the mark whereas some said that it doesn’t mark the creator’s work as any one can garner views on TikTok by copying another particular person. This would possibly perchance additionally be seen within the app’s user opinions.

Nonetheless, TikTok defended itself by announcing that “Preserving folk on TikTok get is a top precedence and we create it certain in our Term of Provider and Community Pointers that clearly outlines what’s no longer acceptable on our platform. As per the protection, we cease no longer allow express material that dangers safety of others, promotes bodily hurt or glorifies violence against women. The behaviour in inquire of violates our tricks and we’ve taken down express material, suspended the myth, and are working with law enforcement agencies as acceptable.”

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