17% Of Ubuntu Linux Customers Like To State Windows OS At Work

Linux-primarily primarily based working systems surely dominate many fields equivalent to supercomputing, servers, and cell, with the exception of the desktop market the put Windows and macOS section a colossal usage percentage.

The recognition of Windows (or, express, conventional dependency) is moreover clearly visible within the most modern see result shared by Ubuntu. The result finds that a colossal percentage (about 17.4%) of Ubuntu users recount Windows as their foremost OS. On completely different hand, 55.3% recount Ubuntu, and the leisure recount macOS, Debian, or  Ubuntu flavors and derivatives.

The recount of Ubuntu Alongside Windows Operating System

It is possible you’ll per chance well factor in that the see would possibly per chance well well per chance be falsified by Windows users (impersonating as Ubuntu users) to downgrade the recognition of Ubuntu. Wisely, sooner than asking about their fundamental OS, the Ubuntu surveyor moreover put some inspiring inquiries to verify the identity of the respondent.

For example, the first one became “How well-known enact they love Ubuntu?” and the solution is overwhelming, indicating they’re right Ubuntu users. Handiest a small percentage (not up to hundreds out of 21 thousand of us) confirmed their abhor in direction of Ubuntu.

All of those who love Ubuntu Linux extra answered within the subsequent put a matter to whether they recount Ubuntu desktop or not. Unsurprisingly, 85.8% of the respondents nodded certain; others would possibly per chance well well per chance be the recount of Ubuntu Server or completely different versions.

At remaining came the important put a matter to about their foremost working system at work. As chances are you’ll per chance well per chance peek within the image below, out of 21,827 responses, 12,070 of us recount Ubuntu and approximately 3797 of us recount Microsoft Windows. The reduction opt for Apple’s macOS, Linux Mint, Xubuntu, Kubuntu, and completely different Linux.

The volume of Windows users would possibly per chance well well presumably peep colossal amongst the Ubuntu neighborhood. But chances are you’ll per chance well per chance’t boom the dominance and dependency of a Windows desktop that quiet prevails over others. Here’s clearly understandable by having a peep on the continual demand from Ubuntu users for smartly-liked and proprietary capabilities that works elegant on Windows.

Why Conclude Of us State Ubuntu?

Now, it is advisable be peculiar to know about the motive for which most of us recount Ubuntu. I relate most of you’ve started with Ubuntu at school or college however few persisted in skilled lifestyles (owing to job kind). That’s why the student neighborhood is colossal in quantity, followed by Knowledge Skills experts that recount Ubuntu.

A splendid chunk of of us (or corporations) moreover recount Ubuntu in non-technical fields love Finance or Gross sales. That’s rather spectacular.

Conclude you moreover enact dual boot Ubuntu and Windows to make your own or skilled work? Repeat us within the feedback section below.

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