Xiaomi, Oppo, Vivo, Sony and Realme smartphones with MediaTek chips delisted from UL Benchmarks over ‘Suspect’ scores

The repercussions of the MediaTek scandal are rising. Now, UL Benchmarks, a known benchmarking platform for PCs and smartphones, possess delisted handsets from Xiaomi, Oppo, Vivo, Sony and Realme that feature the MediaTek processor.

For these unaware, MediaTek turned into once no longer too long within the past accused of cheating on benchmarks. In maintaining with AnandTech, the chipmaker pushes its chipsets to unsustainable ‘Sports Mode’ at some level of benchmarks. This improves the scoring of the smartphone, which displays mistaken scores. The tampering of the scores may perchance potentially act as selling whether it is better than the opponents and must peaceable additionally be misleading.

MediaTek G90T

Thus, UL Benchmarks (previously is understood as Futuremark) possess delisted every smartphone in their platform that runs a MediaTek processor, especially the more moderen generations. This isn’t the first time the agency has resorted to delisting, as motivate in 2013, the firm had additionally delisted HTC and Samsung smartphone for cheating. The names of chipsets blacklisted by UL Benchmarks contain MediaTek’s Helio G90, G70, P96, P90, P65, P60, P20, and A22.

The legit reasoning given out turned into once in two facets. First, the discrepancies in efficiency numbers chanced on by AnandTech turned into once confirmed by UL Benchmarks. Furthermore, the latter has its enjoy benchmarking tips and known as quoted MediaTek’s assertion which nearly confirmed in its misleading practices for benchmarks.

Oddly satisfactory, MediaTek peaceable stands by its benchmarking scores and practices, and is firmly pleased of no wrongdoings. Interestingly, the chipmaker additionally gives OEMs the approach to allow the cheat, so its discretion is additionally subjective. Thus, the argument falls in a pretty grey plot, since whitelisting choices for efficiency boosts is universally frowned upon, nonetheless additionally relies on the OEM that is the exhaust of the processor.


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