Covid-19: Might maybe well well additionally no longer counsel BCG vaccine even for health staff unless look proves it, says ICMR

ICMR Scientist, Dr Raman R Gangakhedkar mentioned that the BCG vaccine is no longer instantaneous to fight COVID-19 unless a look performed is on it. On being asked on the usage of BCG vaccine to fight COVID-19, Dr Gangakhedkar mentioned, “ICMR will begin a look next week. Except we don’t contain definitive results from this, we won’t counsel BCG vaccine, even for health staff.” On being asked about the genome sequencing of coronavirus by Gujarat Biotechnology Compare Centre (GBRC), Dr Gangakhedkar mentioned, “Gujarat Biotech did entire genome sequencing nonetheless it completely is no longer the first one. It had took situation earlier as smartly. This virus has been in India for 3 months and the mutation of virus doesn’t happen too snappy. Regardless of vaccine comes out now, it will work in due route as smartly (if the virus mutates).”


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