Contemporary Lenovo Legion naming convention promises to be more uncomplicated to worship
Lenovo’s fresh Legion naming convention is an enchancment, however it must be better (Image supply: @LenovoLegion)

Inform goodbye to names just like the Legion Y540, Y545, Y740, and even the L340 or T490. Lenovo needs to make expend of fewer numbers to be more comprehensible and definite-nick to most likely traders who may presumably not be conversant in Lenovo’s older naming convention.

Historically, Lenovo laptops appreciate had not much less than three digits related with their names. The ThinkPad T480, Legion Y740, and IdeaPad S340 are correct about a examples. Potentially the most up-to-date gaming items from the producer will transfer to a more efficient one-digit or two-digit naming convention that targets to be comprehensible to everybody and not correct followers.

In accordance with Lenovo, the switch used to be per solutions from stores and customers. A window consumer, to illustrate, will more with out divulge perceive the names Legion 5 or Legion 7 in contrast to the older Legion Y540 or Legion Y740. Ought to the mannequin appreciate each and each AMD and Intel alternatives, then the pc may presumably quit with an “i” to speak an Intel CPU while the absence of the letter would expose an AMD CPU. In previous generations, Lenovo laptops with AMD CPUs would normally quit with a “5” such because the ThinkPad T495.

The unbiased recently presented 2020 IdeaPad and Legion gaming laptops will apply the fresh naming convention and straight substitute the 2019 items as follows:

The IdeaPad Gaming 3, Legion 5, and Legion 7 will most likely be low-quit, mid-range, and excessive-quit gaming laptops, respectively.

While the fresh names are more uncomplicated on the eyes, not much less than one upcoming mannequin will easy be adhering to the older naming convention. The fresh Legion Y740Si will most likely be the plentiful-slim model of the Legion Y740 as yet some other of the Legion 7. We suspect that Lenovo didn’t appreciate to call it the Legion 7s since the chassis originate is derived from the Y740 as yet some other of the Legion 7, but this may presumably easy inherit the “i” to speak an Intel processor however.

In its place of that inconsistency, we’re enthusiastic to peep how Lenovo will thought to speak 2nd or 3rd era Legion items with out along with one other layer of complexity to the fresh names. The upcoming ThinkPad T14 and X13 that will substitute the ThinkPad T490 and X390, respectively, imply that the firm will most likely be slowly transferring forward in this route during its total portfolio.

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