Xbox Posts Cryptic Code On Twitter, And We Think We Know What It Is

Change: Extra issues going down!

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Change (Fri 17th Apr, 2020 11: 30 BST): Here’s a short update on what’s took plight over the previous couple of hours:

The legit Xbox web plan is flashing a message to “return in 4 days”, along with a teaser that seems a Cyberpunk 2077 Xbox One X Special Model console (which could want been published in a leaked image). New teasers bear also seemed on Facebook and Instagram, and Xbox has posted a plan of unlisted movies to its YouTube channel.

Genuine legend: Xbox has upright posted a very cryptic video on Twitter, now not easy followers to #breakthecode. But one way or the other, we deem we know what it’s a ways…or on the least, what it relates to. The video mentions ARACorp and Arasaka more than one occasions, which is the title of a company firm within the upcoming Cyberpunk 2077.

There might well be all styles of outlandish stuff going on with this Tweet though. Somebody on Reddit eminent that the URL within the video takes them to a web plan inquiring for a username and nothing more, which on the 2d, no person seems to perceive guidelines on how to circumvent. It be a small bit irregular to say the least!

So, what’s that this referring to? There might well be every probability it has one thing to complete with the leaked Cyberpunk 2077 controller we reported on earlier on the present time, so accomplish now not obtain your hopes up too noteworthy for the relaxation more. We are in a position to be imperfect though, and this will be an even larger announcement. Let’s look…

What pause you deem this tease relates to? The controller, or one thing larger? Declare us within the comments.

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