The discontinue 7 movies on Netflix this week, from ‘Fancy Wedding Repeat’ to ‘Angel Has Fallen’

7. “The Hangover” (2009)

Netflix description: “When three friends somehow fetch up after a wild bachelor occasion, they cannot discover their handiest pal, who’s purported to be tying the knot.”

Corrupt Tomatoes critic win: 78%

What critics said: “The director and his screenwriters hold approach up with the funniest film to seem in ages. It avoids the predictable crudity and silly laddishness (properly, virtually) you would possibly expect, and delights with zinging one-liners and charming performances.” — Times

6. “Coffee and Kareem” (2020 — Netflix customary)

Netflix description: “An ungainly Detroit cop must team up with his female friend’s nefarious-mouthed younger son when their first crack at bonding time uncovers a prison conspiracy.”

Corrupt Tomatoes critic win: 21%

What critics said: “Things fleet escalate into chaos and discontinuance there, however they create out so in ways which would possibly be no longer quite silly sufficient to develop you forget the implausibilities or the manner extreme stuff is played for depraved jokes.” — The Wrap

5. “The Last Airbender” (2010)

Netflix description: “In a world ravaged by the Fire nation’s aggression in opposition to the soundless Air, Water and Earth countries, a younger boy holds essentially the most predominant to restoring peace.”

Corrupt Tomatoes critic win: 5%

What critics said: “After the first five seconds, it looks as when you happen to might also simply had been staring at it for round two-and-a-half of hours, and that this time has passed in four-and-a-half of days.” — Guardian

4. “The Principal Occasion” (2020 — Netflix customary)

Netflix description: “The employ of special powers from a magical mask, a younger WWE fan causes chaos when he enters a wrestling opponents and fights an intimidating rival.”

Corrupt Tomatoes critic win: 25%

What critics said: “It’s miles now not in regards to the exhausting work that is intrinsic with all of wrestling, so great because the WWE’s open willingness to sacrifice its core values for lazy household-friendly amusement.” —

3. “Code 8” (2019)

Netflix description: “In a city the place colossal-powered of us are ostracized, an earnest day laborer considers the utilization of his outlawed abilities for money to avoid losing his sick mother.”

Corrupt Tomatoes critics win: 73%

What critics said: “In fact a humbler, grungier indie ‘X-Men’ without the same dependence on splashy effects, ‘Code 8’ is a solid style effort from director Jeff Chan.” — Differ

2. “Fancy Wedding Repeat” (2020 — Netflix customary)

Netflix description: “Assorted versions of the same day unfold as Jack juggles complex company, unbridled chaos and ability romance at his sister’s marriage ceremony.”

Corrupt Tomatoes critic win: 36%

What critics said: “The film is true in pondering that a picturesque Italian setting and operatic win would develop for a pointy distinction with wry jokes about roofies and vomit. Sadly, that juxtaposition by no manner adds as a lot as the rest extra.” — AV Club

1. “Angel Has Fallen” (2019)

Netflix description: “Secret Service agent Mike Banning is caught in the crossfire when he’s framed for a lethal assault on the president and compelled to trail for his life.”

Corrupt Tomatoes critic win: 39%

What critics said: “There would possibly be now not any thrill to this thriller. Nor is there nuance to the characters.” — Globe and Mail

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