Sushmita Sen Aces Rohman Scarf’s Yoga Reveal. His “Jaw Hit The Floor”

Sushmita Sen shared this photograph. (Image courtesy: sushmitasen47 )


  • Sushmita Sen shared two posts on Thursday
  • She posted photography of herself doing yoga
  • “Strive it…it be magical!” she wrote

New Delhi:

Sushmita Sen’s boyfriend Rohman Scarf “challenged” her to “strive” a “balancing yoga pose” nonetheless minute did he know that she would nail it treasure a pro. On Thursday, Sushmita Sen shared photography of herself acing two yoga poses and left Rohman Scarf in terror. He used to be so impressed that his “jaw hit the floor” (his words no longer ours). Sushmita Instagrammed a image of herself doing the “balancing yoga pose” and shared a pair of pointers about how she efficiently carried out the grief. She wrote: “So, Rohman Scarf challenged me to strive this balancing yoga pose. Bet who’s repeatedly up for a grief? Yours surely, pointless to issue! Wanna strive? You are going to enact it! Set: Straighten your aid and tighten your core.”

Impressed with Sushmita’s yoga abilities, Rohman Scarf left this hilarious yet very finest observation on her publish: “My jaw hit the floor whenever you occur to did this, my take care of! FYI, it be silent mendacity there on the floor. So contented with you!”

On the opposite hand, Sushmita didn’t discontinue there. Atmosphere a brand fresh goal, the actress “challenged” herself to balance her physique on her toes and wager what? She nailed that too. On the opposite hand, it wasn’t that straight forward for her before every thing as she kept falling. However after your whole failed attempts, she sooner or later chanced on the “balance and balance.” Sharing the image of herself balancing her physique on her “tippy toes,” Sushmita wrote: “This one I challenged myself to enact! Body balanced on tippy toes, had to search out and align myself with the heart of my being! Surely, kept falling off before every thing nonetheless boy, what a sense it’s a long way to search out balance and balance after your whole failed attempts! Strive it…it be magical!”

Take a test out at her posts here:

And here’s what Rohman Scarf commented:

Screenshot of Rohman Scarf’s observation on Sushmita’s publish.

On the work front, Sushmita Sen used to be final viewed in the 2015’s Bengali movie Nirbaak.

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