Aspyr offered this day Superstar Wars Episode l: Racer is popping out for PlayStation 4 and Activate May maybe well additionally merely 12.

Episode I: Racer is, shock, a racing sport based mostly fully off of the podracing sequence from 1999’s Superstar Wars Episode I: The Phantom Threat. The game additionally launched in 1999, first popping out for Nintendo 64 and PC. Variations for Dreamcast and PlayStation 2 adopted in 2000. A seperate podracing sport additionally got right here out for arcades in 2000.’

Aspyr is predicated mostly fully in Austin, Texas, and it became once based mostly in 1996. The studio makes a speciality of ports, and for a truly very long time, it interested by bringing games to Macintosh. It became once additionally accountable for bringing Jedi Outcast to Switch and PS4. Companies equivalent to Aspyr trust a needed arena of interest in gaming, as ports abet produce bigger the target market for residences and their games.

Whereas the movie is of dubious quality, Racer is a relaxing a sport. Heck, it’s one among the very most attention-grabbing games of the prequel skills (not rather as accurate as Republic Commando, however discontinuance). This updated version from Aspyr will additionally include modernized controls. This might maybe maybe maybe worth $15.

We’ve been seeing about a classic Superstar Wars sport net digital releases on more moderen platforms in most up to the moment years, including Jedi Knight II: Jedi Outcast. Now I excellent need Republic Commando on my Switch, and I’ll enjoy.