Rivaldo says it’s time for Barcelona to sell Ousmane Dembele

Rivaldo reckons this summer is a accurate time for Barcelona to take a look at out and sell Ousmane Dembele and enable the Frenchman the chance to reignite his profession in other locations.

Dembele has been plagued by injuries since becoming a member of from Borussia Dortmund in August 2017, and he’s currently sidelined with a torn hamstring that required surgical treatment in February.

The ahead’s future is continuously the provision of speculation, and Rivaldo thinks the time would possibly maybe maybe well maybe be accurate to dump Dembele.

“Ousmane Dembélé signed for Barcelona almost three years ago and he has already had adequate time to place himself within the club and repeat his value. It’s that that you would possibly maybe judge of that he would possibly maybe maybe well maybe no longer ever repeat his quality at the club.

“He is peaceful a player with gigantic ability, but I judge this summer would possibly maybe maybe well maybe be the correct opportunity for Barcelona to sell or even change him for a player they’re chasing already.

“He’s been unlucky with injuries, but he would possibly maybe maybe well maybe furthermore bask in tried to present extra at some moments. Issues haven’t long gone per expectations and he would possibly maybe maybe well maybe be in a draw to revive his profession at one more club where he’ll feel extra assured to play at his handiest.”

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There had been conflicting rumors about whether or no longer Dembele will set at Barcelona this summer, but the club are likely to glean it sophisticated to glean a seller given his harm historic past.

If Dembele does set he’s likely to face a staunch venture securing minutes next season, as Barca are space to toughen their attack.

Lautaro Martinez is anticipated to come from Inter Milan, while children Francisco Trincao and Pedri bask in already agreed to be half of within the summer.

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