Large B’s Large abet for Telugu cine personnel

On this lockdown, the celebrities are actively motivating folk to persist with their homes and be free from getting contained of Corona virus. A pair of days aid India’s Celeb Amitabh Bachchan came up with a thought video lively the general superstar heroes of respective languages. With this video Large B acknowledged that Indian film industry is one household.

No longer only saying in words, Large B proved with this action too. Amitabh Bachchan has organized 12,000 meals coupons of Rs 1,500 each and each to the day-after-day wage Telugu film personnel which carry out the value value Rs 1.80 crore. Revealing with this Wide title Chiranjeevi thanked Large B for his fashion gesture and smartly timed abet. These coupons could perchance even be redeemed at Large Bazar retail outlets.

“Amit ji @SrBachchan  has organized 12000 Corona Relief Coupons of Rs1500 each and each to be disbursed to the Day to day wage Film personnel in Telugu States from the proceeds of #Family.A BIG THANK YOU to ‘BIG B’ for this unbelievable initiative,” tweeted Chiru.

No words for Large B’s colossal enhance in this disaster time. Clutch a bow!

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