KS Chithra remembers daughter Nandana by penning pains chubby post

Legendary singer K.S. Chithra is the reigning queen of playback singing in Tamil, Telugu and Malayalam for loads of a long time and her unfamiliar narrate is one amongst the most recognizable among all generations. Chithra is married to Vijay Shankar and the couple’s easiest daughter Nandana who was as soon as autistic handed away in Dubai on April 14th, 2011 when she was as soon as eight years aged.

Chithra was as soon as in Dubai to participate in an A.R. Rahman gift and Nandana who was as soon as left in their gated community villa was as soon as watching TV nonetheless had opened the unlocked door helped herself out and being fond of water went to the swimming pool nonetheless inner minutes drowned herself.

Chithra has written an emotional and painful gift on facebook that reads “I possess heard folk narrate that each initiating has a motive and could perchance plod away to the eternal world after finishing that motive and so that they also narrate that time is a healer.nonetheless for the these that had long past thru this can comprehend it is now not ultimate.the hurt is quiet raw and painful.plod away out you Nandana.”. Fate is merciless that a one who delights millions alongside with her skill has to undergo in pains in her interior most lifestyles.

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