COVID-19 Notice listing: From Comorbidity to Quarantine, Study Meanings of Varied Words Connected to Coronavirus

Artists be conscious coronavirus-linked graffiti on the roads of Chennai, Tamil Nadu to be conscious awareness on the impression of COVID-19.

(C Suresh Kumar/BCCL Chennai)

Because the radical coronavirus disease COVID-19 continues to spread across the globe, the conversations round this pandemic hang also gained whisk. With billions of folk talking about one venture, the understanding overflow can lead to ambiguity and uncertainty. To present again to via these advanced conversations, we now hang got brought out an explainer of commonly passe phrases linked to unusual coronavirus.


An outbreak is a genetic cloth that binds to a residing cell and the usage of that cell’s sources, creates a pair of copies of itself. Over billions of years, viruses hang mastered the artwork of survival by infecting every lifeform on Earth, including micro organism and single-celled organisms. The be conscious ‘virus’ is derived from a Latin be conscious for toxic liquid.

Viruses are relatively higher than a ball of protein, soundless of either DNA or RNA. Yet, whether or not they are alive or now now not, has been a matter of intense scientific debates over the past few years. These puny parasites can reproduce fully internal residing cells. Initiate air of a residing organism, they are continuously known as virions and tend to behave correct like an inert mud particle.

Original coronavirus SARS-CoV-2

The radical coronavirus is a brand new stress of coronavirus, which has now now not been diagnosed in folk ever sooner than. The radical coronavirus that causes COVID-19 disease is named as SARS-CoV-2. Coronaviruses belong to the family of viruses that most incessantly cause ailments just like the frequent cold and respiratory infections. It is named after its ancestors—Heart East Respiratory Syndrome Coronavirus (MERS-CoV) and Severe Acute Respiratory Syndrome (SARS-CoV). Coronavirus is zoonotic, meaning it’ll even be transmitted from animals to folk.


The duration of time COVID-19 became once coined by the World Health Organisation (WHO), and it stands for ‘Coronavirus Disease 2019’. It is precipitated by a peculiar coronavirus named SARS-CoV-2 which surfaced in Wuhan in China in the end of December 2019. The signs of this disease consist of fever, cough, breathing difficulties and lack of scent and model. It is a respiratory illness and spreads essentially via contact with an contaminated person or surfaces and objects touched by an contaminated person.

Physical distancing

Homeless folk stand in circles marked on the ground to safe free meals, with a goal to exhaust physical distancing, at Ramakrishna Ashram in New Delhi on March 31, 2020.

(Yawar Nazir/Getty Photographs)

Social distancing became once the mantra on everyone’s lips over the past two months following the neatly being guidelines to exhaust a receive distance between one any other to limit the spread of unusual coronavirus. Over the past week, nonetheless, neatly being consultants, including the WHO, hang began to name the practice as ‘physical distancing’. It merely refers to defending now now not now now not up to 2 metres of residing between your self and totally different folk and warding off crowded locations and mass gatherings.

Physical distancing is hailed to be the real tool to forestall the spread of COVID-19. On the choice hand, this does now now not mean or now now not you have to to isolate your self socially—it’s a might want to hang to join with buddies and family digitally, and now now not physically, to flit via these advanced times. And therefore, consultants hang stopped the usage of the duration of time social distancing.

Symptomatic and Asymptomatic Persons

Symptomatic persons are folk which hang gotten contaminated with the radical coronavirus and are displaying seen signs of the COVID-19 disease, equivalent to fever, dry cough, and heaps others.

On the diverse hand, asymptomatic persons are those which hang gotten contaminated with the virus but are now now not showing any seen signs or signs of being contaminated. Nonetheless, asymptomatic folk are silent able to transmitting the coronavirus onto totally different folk. On the choice hand, as they expel less respiratory droplets than their symptomatic counterparts, their possibilities of infecting others are relatively decrease.

Epidemic and Pandemic

A virulent disease occurs when one disease spreads, or increases in occurrence among many other folks on the same time—spreading from person to person in a locality where the disease is now now not permanently prevalent. Epidemics veritably happen on the level of a establish or a neighborhood.

A virulent disease, within the period in-between, is truly a disease that will perchance perchance perchance be an endemic but has spread over a huge residing, changing into prevalent all over an whole nation, continent, or the total world. The WHO describes the pandemic as “a global spread of a brand new disease”.

Herd immunity

Representational image

(SL Shanth Kumar/TOI, BCCL, Mumbai)

Herd immunity, also veritably known as ‘neighborhood immunity’, is a phenomenon where a huge portion of an residing or a neighborhood of folk turn out to be resistant to an infectious disease, which successfully stops the disease from spreading and protects the total neighborhood. Herd immunity will also be carried out in two scenarios: within the predominant one, many other folks contract the disease, and over time, make up a natural immune response to it; within the second, many other folks are vaccinated against the disease, thereby achieving immunity.

Flattening the curve

The exponential rise within the quantity of sure situations of COVID-19 has exerted enormous stress on the neatly being care machine of plenty of international locations. Flattening the curve is declared to be the real that you just might perchance perchance factor in intention to ease this stress and treat affected folk successfully. Flattening the curve ability slowing down the rate of develop of sure situations so that fewer folk gape clinical attention at any given time, and it’ll even be carried out fully via physical distancing and self-isolation.

The curve refers to the quantity of folk contaminated by the virus over a timeframe. If the infection rate is terribly high, this curve tends to be steep, endangering the nation’s healthcare machine. Flattening that curve ability, although the quantity of situations is within the atomize the same, this is able to perchance perchance happen over a in point of fact very prolonged timeframe, making sure fewer situations on any given day.


The duration of time quarantine refers to restriction on the circulation of folk, who had been exposed to any contagious disease or who hang decreased in dimension an infectious virus. It is defined as a 40 days duration of total isolation. The practise began within the 14th century in Venice when ships coming from cities with plague epidemics had been stopped at anchor for 40 days. Meanwhile, self-quarantine or isolation refers to setting aside oneself from contracting the disease by staying internal homes or now now not coming in contact with totally different folk.

Community spread

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(Chitti Babu/TOI, BCCL, Hyderabad)

Community spread is a stage of disease spread when the virus is decreased in dimension in person, but its source of infection is laborious to hint. At this stage, those who don’t hang a walk historical past to any contaminated ‘hotspots’, or who hang had no known contact with an contaminated person, also originate up to envision sure. As soon as neighborhood transmission begins, it turns into advanced to hang the disease and to discontinue the chain of transmission. The disease also pops-up in random folk in a neighborhood.


In the clinical field, comorbidity refers to the presence of plenty of ailments, along with any other condition on the same time in a person. The duration of time became once first coined within the 1970s by an American doctor. The prerequisites which will most incessantly overlap with COVID-19 disease are diabetes, cardiovascular illness, totally different physique infections, and psychological disorders, to name about a. Sufferers with underlying clinical prerequisites are acknowledged to be at essentially the most risk of rising excessive signs of COVID-19.

Incubation duration

The incubation duration is the duration of time between when a person contracts an epidemic and unless the signs of the disease starts to seem. The incubation duration for COVID-19 ranges from 2-14 days after publicity to the virus. Whereas, the common incubation duration for signs to seem is declared to be round 5 days. Even supposing, this duration might perchance perchance vary from person to person and even in respect to the roar.

Home-made face duvet

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(Yawar Nazir/Getty Photographs)

A condominium-made face duvet is a frequent, reusable defending gear that masks your mouth and nostril fully, and might perchance perchance even be tied over your face with out declare. It goes to even be stitched or made out of a absolute most practical, washed cloth accessible at house. Its goal is to retain you from spreading, and doubtlessly contracting, the radical coronavirus. The Indian Ministry of Health advises folk without a clinical prerequisites and breathing difficulties to make exhaust of such face covers, particularly when stepping out of the condominium. Furthermore, it’s mandatory to absolute most practical the camouflage on a customary foundation and now now not contact the camouflage in the end of usage.

Antimalarial drug Hydroxychloroquine

Hydroxychloroquine is a class of antimalarial treatment passe for malaria patients for virtually seven decades. The drug is known to alleviate scientific signs linked to COVID-19. On the choice hand, reviews hang shown that it does now now not cure the radical coronavirus disease. Many world leaders hang been promoting the exhaust of Hydroxychloroquine for treating patients plagued by coronavirus signs. On the choice hand, consultants hang insisted that it’ll even be passe fully for symptomatic treatment and might perchance perchance silent now now not be construed as a magic drug against COVID-19.

Mortality Fee

The mortality rate is defined because the ratio between the total quantity of recorded deaths attributable to an infection and the total quantity of confirmed situations which hang formally tested sure for that infection.

As per the latest change supplied by WHO Director-Frequent, COVID-19’s mortality rate, or death rate, is ready 3.4%—which implies out of each and every 100 contaminated folk, about 3.4 are inclined to die attributable to the virus. On the choice hand, fresh reviews hang shown that pondering asymptomatic and undetected situations, the mortality rate of COVID-19 might perchance perchance perchance be now now not up to 1%.

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