Neymar is Lionel Messi’s ‘natural replacement’ at Barcelona, says Mazinho

Feeble Brazilian global Mazinho spoke about Barcelona’s Neymar scenario this week. The World Cup winner, and father of Thiago and Rafina, remained confident that the real long-duration of time replacement for Messi at Barca is basically Neymar.

”[Barcelona] would be elated if he can return day after recently,” he said.

”He is Messi’s natural replacement.

”There’ll not be any longer one of these thing as a varied to change Messi.”

Mazinho | Source

The soak up of itself is magnificent lawful. I obtain while you happen to take into tale things in a myth sense, Neymar is the correct replacement for Messi because the face of Barcelona. If you’re speaking about the subsequent five to 10 years that’s.

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