Microsoft delays Windows 10X and Surface Neo beyond 2020, no notice on Surface Duo

Basically basically basically based on insider recordsdata Microsoft has delayed its Windows 10X OS and the Surface Neo twin-screened PC, before the total thing aimed for the Holiday season, except the live of 2020.

Microsoft is reportedly focusing on single mask mask gadgets as that’s what the arena wants within the most contemporary suppose of pandemic.

The document doesn’t share something on the Android-powered Surface Duo, which may perhaps unruffled be launched in 2020, despite Microsoft’s provide chain being tormented by the COVID-19 outbreak.

Windows 10X is the new, extra streamlined OS that Microsoft before the total thing tailor-made to twin-screened gadgets, nonetheless which used to be later promised to come serve as a future OS for every blueprint yell.

The Surface Neo is the instrument that Microsoft showcased when it announced Windows 10X. It has two 9-high-tail screens associated by a physical hinge.

The Microsoft Surface Duo is a twin-screened Android instrument, of which we know miniature, nonetheless which is unruffled very powerful within the works, as this camera sample from Microsoft’s Chief Product Officer Panos Panay from the day before right this moment time proves.


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