Jaipur Police Has a Uncommon Punishment for These Violating Lockdown: Masakali 2.0 on Loop

Screenshot from T-series video / YouTube.

Hint: It has one thing to complete with Tanishq Bagchi’s recently launched ‘Masakali 2.0’.

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Jaipur Police is taking song composer Tanishq Bagchi’s attend to retain violators of lockdown in take a look at and we can understand why.

India is at cloak below 21-day strict lockdown set in explain by PM Narendra Modi in uncover to interrupt the chain of coronavirus pandemic spread that has claimed as many as 227 lives in the nation.

What the lockdown indubitably blueprint is you protect home and live now not hit the streets in any admire, thus declaring social distancing and assisting in containing the spread of the infection. Certain, healthcare workers, cops, media persons among others are available doing their tasks, but the aam janta is continuously recommended to now not violate the “Lakshman Rekha” of their properties unless, clearly, obligatory permission from the authorities became supplied to them to scamper out.

It be easy. Police officers would possibly perchance perchance well also now not fancy it you live now not adhere to lockdown principles. In an are trying and attend citizens to protect home, Jaipur Police, on Thursday, announced the “harshest” punishment to those violating the curfew.

Giving their beget twist to recently dropped ‘Masakali 2.0’, Jaipur Police wrote, “Ought to you’re unnecessarily roaming outdoors, we are able to set you in a room & Play Masakkali 2.0 on loop.”

मत उडियो, तू डरियो

ना कर मनमानी, मनमानी

घर में ही रहियो

ना कर नादानी

ऐ मसक्कली, मसक्कली

The “threat” appears to have labored and netizens praised the authorities for delivering crucial directions with a dose of humour.

Impressive and innovative plan of connecting with folks.. Belief, you folks are our proper life heroes..

— RRajat Bhargava (@BhargavaRrajat) April 9, 2020

mountainous job Rajasthan police ..retain it up

— Dhanesh Bajiya (@dhaneshbajia) April 9, 2020

Hahahaha 😂

😂 Here is any other Rahmaniac response on Masakali 2.0@tanishkbagchi steer clear of ARR songs…don’t ever dare to the touch these classics

— Shrikant Dawankar (@shridawankar) April 9, 2020

Tanishq Bagchi, on the different hand, has been on the receiving finish ever since he remixed AR Rahman’s OG ‘Masakali’ from 2009’s Delhi-6.

First, netizens roasted the song composer with brutal memes, then Rahman himself fired shots at Bagchi in a tweet.

“No short cuts, well commissioned, sleepless nights, writes and re-writes. Over 200 musicians, 365 days of inventive brainstorming with the honest to manufacture song that can final generations. A crew of a Director, a Composer and a Lyricist supported by actors, dance directors and a relentless movie crew,” Rahman wrote on his Twitter page and shared a hyperlink to the accepted.

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