Coronavirus: Petrol, diesel seek files from slumps 66% in April

PTI, Contemporary Delhi,

  • Apr 09 2020, 13: 57 ist
  • as a lot as this level: Apr 09 2020, 14: 33 ist

India’s fuel consumption in March shrank by 18 per cent, the supreme decline in greater than a decade, as a nationwide lockdown halted financial exercise and flow back and forth.

India’s petroleum product consumption fell 17.79 per cent to 16.08 million tonnes in March as diesel, petrol and aviation turbine fuel (ATF) seek files from fell, per official files released on Thursday.

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Diesel, the most consumed fuel within the nation, seen seek files from contract by 24.23 per cent to 5.65 million tonnes. Here’s the supreme fall in diesel consumption the nation has recorded as most trucks went off-street and railways stopped plying trains. Petrol gross sales dropped 16.37 per cent to 2.15 million tonnes as the 21-day nationwide lockdown enforced to forestall the spread of COVID-19 took most vehicles and two-wheelers off the street. 

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