1.27 lakh samples examined until date in India: Data from south states, Maharashtra

On April 8, 13,143 samples had been examined and reported at some level of the country.

India has ramped up testing for the explanation that 21-day lockdown used to be announced on March 24, at the same time as more conditions had been reported in the country.

In step with ICMR’s 9 pm bulletin on April 8, a total of 1,27,919 samples had been examined and 5,114 folk had been confirmed definite in India. 

On April 8, 13,143 samples had been examined and reported. Of these, 320 had been realized definite for SARS-CoV-2.

Listed below are the narrate-wise numbers as of 10 am on April 9:

— Andhra Pradesh has examined 5960 samples.The narrate 348 definite conditions, 4 COVID-19 deaths and 9 those that enjoy recovered. 

— Kerala has examined 11,986 samples as a lot as now, with 345 of us testing definite. The narrate has recorded 2 COVID-19 deaths, whereas 83 folk enjoy recovered. 

—Tamil Nadu has examined 6,095 samples as a lot as now, with 738 of us testing definite. The narrate has recorded 8 COVID-19 deaths, whereas 21 folk enjoy recovered. 

— Telangana has no longer equipped numbers referring to samples examined. The narrate has 453 definite conditions, 11 COVID-19 deaths and 45 those that enjoy recovered. 

— Karnataka has examined 6,967 samples, with 181 of us testing definite. The narrate has recorded 5 COVID-19 deaths, whereas 28 folk enjoy recovered. 

— Maharashtra has examined 27,090 samples, with 1135 testing definite. The narrate has recorded 72 COVID-19 deaths, whereas 117 of us enjoy recovered. 

While public health experts enjoy called for wider testing to enjoy a study for neighborhood transmission of COVID-19, the Indian Council of Scientific Analysis’s (ICMR) guidelines limit testing to finest obvious categories. These are of us who enjoy worldwide accelerate historical previous and are symptomatic; of us who enjoy contact historical previous with a confirmed COVID-19 case and revel in indicators of the virus; healthcare workers who’re symptomatic; patients hospitalised with Severe Acute Respiratory Sickness (SARI); and a instruct or high-possibility contact of a confirmed COVID-19 case who might per chance per chance moreover be symptomatic or asymptomatic.

For the time being, finest the RT-PCR or the reverse transcription polymerase chain reaction test can detect the presence of SARS-CoV-2, the virus that causes COVID-19. Then over again, as of April 2, ICMR has allowed areas which would be hotspots (high series of conditions) to test residents the use of the immediate antibody kits, which can bring results within 30-45 minutes as against 24 hours that an RT-PCR test. Then over again, a definite end result by the immediate antibody test will can enjoy to be additional examined by the RT-PCR test to confirm for the novel coronavirus. ICMR advises these with a negative end result by the immediate antibody test to be dwelling quarantined.  

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