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Gurmeet Choudhary and his wife Debina Bonnerjee are undoubtedly one of the necessary most smartly-liked and adored couples of the television industry. The two crossed paths for the key time in 2006 at a skills contest in Mumbai however didn’t in actuality take care of in touch and almost today Debina went assist to Kolkata. They met all over again when she shifted to Mumbai, was chums thru chums and finally love blossomed between the 2. They starred collectively in the 2008 TV yelp Ramayan as Ram and Sita and a few years later tied the knot in steady existence, giving their fans a intellectual surprise.

Whereas it looks like a excellent love story, the couple revealed that they ancient to fight plenty on sets and even swore to by no way work with every other all over again. In a chat with Bollywood Life, Gurmeet remembered a particular incident and shared, “Since we (Ram, Sita, and Laxman) were taking pictures for the vanwas sequence, we were required to crawl in the jungle. For the time being, there used to be a fight going on between me and Debina. So, there had been no dialogues in the scene and it used to be a very prolonged shot, the set we (Ram, Sita and Laxman) were supposed to stroll in a straight line. Our mics were on and Debina used to be repeatedly telling me to stroll slowly.”

Debina chimed in and acknowledged, “Gurmeet used to be strolling extraordinarily speedy and there used to be a immense gap between him and me. Our director scolded me and requested to stroll speedy right because he used to be doing the same.” Gurmeet persevered so as to add, “This for the key time when Ram and Sita were combating. Ankit Arora aka Laxman, who used to be our co-megastar, used to be continuously requesting us to conclude combating. And our mic dadas were laughing out loud.”

Nicely, this section of reports will for sure surprise viewers who cherished their on-display chemistry! Debina concluded, “So, Ramayan is stuffed with these recollections. Around the remainder few days, we swore to one one more that we are in a position to also just now not work collectively. We fought too worthy.”

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