‘Pokémon Accelerate’ War League Leaderboards Coming; First Accelerate War Day Announced

Niantic’s roam into aggressive Pokémon Accelerate fighting is getting its next red meat up within the invent of leaderboards and the announcement of a original occasion form for the favored mobile recreation.

Starting up Friday, April 10, the Accelerate War League leaderboards will delivery on PokemonGOLive.com.

The original leaderboards will delivery heavenly after the Accelerate War League changes from Ultra League to Master League, which is in a position to give player an opportunity to view the attach they stand when the competition switches to a original layout.

Here’s what that that you may perchance well also inquire from the Accelerate War League leaderboard, per the decent Niantic weblog post:

This may perchance per chance relate the pause 5 hundred Trainers on this planet and their Coach nicknames, teams, ranks, rankings and whole fits.

Rankings are per the day prior to this’s in-recreation rankings for Trainers ghastly 7 and up.

The leaderboard is scheduled to interchange between approximately 4 p.m. EDT and 6 p.m. EDT every day. (Demonstrate that leaderboard updates may perchance per chance perchance also simply be delayed by issues equivalent to upkeep.)

Trainers with active disciplinary movement or inappropriate Coach nicknames shall be excluded with out prior leer.


Besides to, Niantic is announcing a original occasion form for Pokémon Accelerate called GO War Day. Corresponding to Neighborhood Days, GO War Day will feature a Pokémon that is authorized in regarded as some of the three formats of the Accelerate War League.

On Sunday, April 12, Marill, the Water- and Fairy-form Pokémon, shall be the featured ‘Mon. At some level of the occasion, gamers can revel in actions related to the Accelerate War League. To illustrate, the extra Accelerate War League battles you employ from 11 a.m. to 2 p.m. native time all around the occasion, the extra potentialities you’re going to procure to achieve assist across Marill.

Marill may perchance per chance even appear as a guaranteed Favorite Reward after your first and third wins of each and every space of 5 battles. Must you employ a Top class War Pass, Marill will appear after every employ.

Trainers may perchance per chance perchance also furthermore revel in double the take Stardust for catching Marill all over this time period.

Niantic notes that particular Pokémon encounters like Pikachu Libre at Imperfect 10 will pause the same so method no longer terror about fighting too necessary all over this occasion.

Additionally, all day Sunday—from 12 a.m. to 11: 59 p.m. native time—that that you may perchance well also stop 20 sets of Accelerate War League battles, up from the usual 5 sets, for a whole of as a lot as 100 battles.

What manufacture you’re thinking that those original developments within the Pokémon Accelerate War League? Remark us within the comments portion.

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