Google Duo: How does it compare to WhatsApp, Skype, and other opponents

Messaging and video calling apps are a dime a dozen this day. One in every of them is Google Duo, which permits you to defend in contact with pals and household thru video and converse calls. But how does it compare with opponents enjoy WhatsApp, Viber, Skype, and Signal, and would possibly possibly per chance well well you truly exercise it? These are the 2 major questions we’ll solution in this put up.

Google Duo vs the competition

The valuable factor you’d restful know is that Google Duo doesn’t crimson meat up instantaneous messaging. It only supports audio and video calls. That is the largest distinction between Google Duo and other usual rival apps. WhatsApp, Signal, Skype, Messenger, and Viber all indicate you’d furthermore send messages to boot to increasing calls.

Google had a devoted messaging app known as Allo that made its debut alongside Duo in 2016, but the corporate killed it off final year because no longer so much of oldsters archaic it.

In the case of calls, Google Duo has about a facets you gained’t bag on most of its opponents. The most appealing one known as Knock Knock and permits you to preview video calls. That diagram when any individual calls you, you’d furthermore perceive the person thru their digicam before you solution the resolution. For security reasons, the person calling can’t perceive you unless you contemplate up.

If no one answers, you’d furthermore leave a video message.

Then there’s the flexibility to develop a video/audio message and send it to a contact. Certain, WhatsApp and other rival app indicate you’d furthermore send audio recordings as properly as videos thru chat, but Duo implements this otherwise. It’s an even bigger, more basic allotment of the app. As an instance, must you’re calling any individual and that person doesn’t solution, you’d furthermore press the “Depart a message” button and then contemplate whether or no longer you enjoy to indulge in to leave an audio or video message. Probabilities are you’ll per chance well boost a video by the exercise of various filters and results, correct enjoy my colleague Ankit did within the screenshots beneath.

Google Duo also permits you to send a heart emoji to contacts with a single faucet or a straightforward point to that will furthermore furthermore be customized with various fonts and colors. These are no longer groundbreaking facets by any diagram, but they’re there must you will want them. The tool is also integrated into the dialer app on Samsung Galaxy S20 phones, allowing you to expeditiously call any individual with the faucet of a button.

One other factor worth declaring is that Google Duo is ad-free. It’s no longer essentially the most appealing app of its kind that doesn’t agree with promoting, but it’s positively within the minority. Signal is also ad-free, for instance, while Skype, Viber, and Messenger all agree with classified ads. There are no longer any classified ads in WhatsApp as of now, but that will swap soon.

In the case of community calls, Google Duo permits as much as 12 individuals to affix in on the fun. This isn’t class-leading, but it’s above common. Viber supports as much as 5 individuals, while WhatsApp permits for four. Skype is mainly the most generous with its crimson meat up for as much as 50 individuals.

Google Duo call quality

All of the facets within the realm don’t topic if the resolution quality of an app is tainted. That is where Duo would possibly possibly per chance well well restful shine in step with the truth Google says it’s “the ideal quality video calling app” you’d furthermore bag.

I made up my ideas to do that to the test. I made video calls with Google Duo, Viber, Skype, Signal, and WhatsApp to perceive how mighty of a distinction there’s between them.

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Based entirely totally on my checking out, Google Duo lives as much as its promise. The video quality it affords is extraordinarily rather higher than these of Viber, Signal, and WhatsApp. The colors are more vivid and realistic, the video is less grainy, and the connection is so much more stable, which makes sure the video doesn’t freeze as in most cases.

I’m no longer asserting that Viber, Signal, and WhatsApp are tainted apps for video calling. They bag the job performed, but the variation in video quality when in contrast to Duo is noticeable roughly lawful away. Skype, on the different hand, is correct as correct as Google Duo. I didn’t perceive a most main distinction between the 2 — each and every bag a thumbs up from me.


Privateness is basic, which is why now we indulge in got to claim about a words about encryption. Google Duo affords stop-to-stop encryption, which in total diagram that no one can perceive the messages you send or the calls you develop. That features Google.

Discontinue-to-stop encryption is colossal, as it offers total anonymity. But Google Duo isn’t essentially the most appealing carrier offering it. Viber, WhatsApp, and Signal all indulge in it on by default, making them correct as safe as Google Duo.

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In the case of Skype and Facebook Messenger, the memoir is rather various. By default, each and every encrypt the information between your tool and the firms’ servers. What this diagram is that while no one can snoop to your conversation must you’re on a public Wi-Fi, each and every Microsoft (Skype’s proprietor) and Facebook can perceive the messages you send within the occasion that they must.

There’s a capability to bag around this, despite the incontrovertible truth that. Both Skype and Messenger offer stop-to-stop encryption as properly, but it is advisable enable it yourself by opening a Non-public conversation on Skye or a Secret conversation on Facebook. This manner that the 2 products and services would possibly possibly per chance well furthermore furthermore be correct as safe as Google Duo, WhatsApps, and the comfort of the competition, you correct must endure in ideas to make a decision right into a inner most chat. It’s rather of a bother, but it’s higher than nothing.

So, would possibly possibly per chance well well restful you utilize Google Duo?

Google Duo is roughly a mixed win. On one hand, the lack of instantaneous messaging makes it exhausting to recommend to those procuring for an all-in-one verbal exchange app. But on the different hand, the video quality makes it a colossal want for these that continually develop video calls.

So if video quality is colossal basic to you and likewise you’re no longer already the exercise of Skype, I’d mutter positively give Google Duo a sprint. It also comes with about a distinctive facets that many will revel in, even supposing there’s nothing groundbreaking about them.

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But must you’re happy with the video quality of your present messaging app or you enjoy to indulge in correct one app that can address each and every messaging and calls, then Duo isn’t for you. The video quality on apps enjoy WhatsApp and Viber is decent, but it correct isn’t on par with what Duo is offering.

The class of these apps is that they are all free, so that you just’d furthermore test them out yourself to bag some arms-on skills. Probabilities are you’ll per chance well furthermore download Google Duo beneath must you don’t already indulge in it installed to your phone and attempt it out.

This goes with out asserting, but I’ll mutter it anyway: When selecting the lawful messaging app for your wants, you also indulge in to contemplate which ones your pals are the exercise of. A colossal app is useless if no one you perceive uses it, as you gained’t indulge in anybody to focus on with.

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