Did no longer mind if I died whereas batting: Viv Richards on no longer utilizing helmets

SYDNEY: West Indies batting enormous Viv Richards used to be fundamental for preferring no longer to utilize a helmet. Richards faced some of essentially the most vicious quick bowlers in the history of the game at a time when restrictions on bouncers weren’t around and in a chat with extinct Australian all-rounder Shane Watson, the 68-year-aged stated that he used to be contented with the wretchedness that got here without a longer carrying a helmet.

“The passion for the game I felt used to be such that I would no longer mind dying playing something that I like. If here’s what I selected and I’m going down here, what higher intention is there to head,” stated Richards on Watson’s podcast.

Richards also stated that he felt inspired by athletes in other sports activities who build their lives on the dual carriageway. “I in actuality bear looked at other sportsmen and females who I in actuality bear an extraordinarily good deal of admire for doing it to an low level. I see a man driving a Formulation 1 racing car, what’s going to be more terrible than that?” stated Richards, to which Watson jokingly spoke back, “Dealing with 150kph with out a helmet?”

Viv Richards hooks a shipping from Ian Botham all the intention thru the fifth Check between England and West Indies at The Oval in London on August 9, 1984. (Getty Photos)

Richards also printed that no doubt one of his dentists had told him to bear a mouth guard but he didn’t assemble that for lengthy because it didn’t enable him to bear his chewing gum whereas batting.

“One in all my dentists made me a mouthpiece and all and I tried it a pair of times but I continuously loved my chewing gum. You bear 11 males accessible and the umpires — you felt outnumbered. And that used to be my miniature fragment,” stated Richards.

“It made me diagram of see cool, calmed me down, it gave me diagram of a rhythm. That used to be a accomplice for me on the time. I made obvious at any time when earlier than I walked accessible I had a chewing gum in my mouth. It bought barely frail whenever you are batting lengthy ample then again it used to be all correct. So I did away with the mouthpiece.”

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