As Covid-19 cases proceed to upward push across India, Kerala falls to 8th space: Voice tally

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The preference of coronavirus cases in India on Thursday climbed to 5,734 with 5,095 active cases and 166 deaths. As many as 473 patients were cured or discharged, basically the latest figures released by the Ministry of Successfully being indicated. 

Maharashtra is witnessing an unparalleled preference of Covid-19 cases which has now crossed 1,200. 

Kerala – which used to be the second most affected articulate by coronavirus after Maharashtra appropriate weeks assist – appears to be like to now non-public fallen to the 8th space as Covid-19 cases upward push in varied states.

Here’s having a be taught about on the statewise breakup of coronavirus active cases, deaths and the preference of patients who non-public cured or discharged. 


With 1135 Covid-19 active cases, Maharashtra has registered the most sensible preference of coronavirus cases within the country. The articulate has recorded 72 deaths to this point while 117 patients non-public recovered.

Tamil Nadu

The southern articulate has the second-most sensible preference of Covid-19 cases within the country which now stand at a whopping 738. Tamil Nadu has seen 21 recoveries and eight Covid-19 deaths.


Delhi carefully follows with the third-most sensible preference of coronavirus cases within the country. As many as 669 folk non-public tested positive of coronavirus within the nationwide capital. 9 folk non-public died from the an infection while 21 folk non-public made a recovery, as per the health ministry’s data.


427 positive cases of coronavirus were reported from the articulate to this point. 35 folk non-public made a recovery from the virus while seven folk non-public died from Covid-19.


Coronavirus cases in Rajasthan touched 381 on Thursday. The articulate has reported 3 fatalities. 21 patients non-public recovered from the an infection.

Uttar Pradesh

361 folk were infected from Covid-19 within the articulate. While 27 folk non-public recovered from coronavirus in Uttar Pradesh, 4 non-public died from the an infection right here.

Andhra Pradesh

The articulate has witnessed 348 positive Covid-19 patients and 6 cases of recovery. Four folk non-public died.


With 345 coronavirus cases, Kerala is the fifth most coronavirus-affected articulate within the country. As per basically the latest data by the Ministry of Successfully being, Kerala has witnessed two deaths as a consequence of Covid-19 while 83 folk non-public successfully recovered.

Madhya Pradesh

The articulate has reported 229 positive cases of coronavirus. 13 folk non-public died from Covid-19 right here.KarnatakaThe articulate has recorded 181 Covid-19 cases and 5 deaths. 28 folk were cured and discharged.


Top Minister Narendra Modi’s home articulate has registered 179 coronavirus cases and 25 recoveries to this point. 16 folk non-public died from the an infection within the articulate.

Jammu and Kashmir

The union territory of Jammu and Kashmir has seen the preference of Covid-19 patients rising to 158. 4 folk non-public died from the an infection while four were cured.

Haryana and Punjab

The neighbouring states non-public 147 and 101 Covid-19 cases respectively. While 8 folk non-public died in Punjab, Haryana has seen three deaths. 28 folk non-public recovered from Covid-19 in Haryana, 4 in Punjab.

103 folk were tormented by the Sars-CoV-2 virus in West Bengal. There were 5 deaths and 16 recoveries within the articulate. Odisha has 42 Covid-19 positive patients, 2 non-public recovered while one person has died. In Bihar, 38 folk non-public tested positive for coronavirus, one has died.

Assam has reported 28 Covid-19 cases. Uttarakhand has 33 coronavirus patients, five patients non-public recovered from the an infection. In Chandigarh, 18 folk non-public contracted the Covid-19 disease and 7 non-public recovered. Andaman has recorded 11 coronavirus cases. Chhattisgarh has recorded 10 cases of coronavirus and 9 folk non-public recovered. 

Ladakh has 14 patients, 10 folk non-public recovered.Goa has reported seven cases of Covid-19 disease. Himachal Pradesh has 18 cases, one patient has died and two non-public recovered.Pondicherry has reported five cases, one has recovered. Jharkhand has 4 Covid-19 cases. One coronavirus case has been reported in Manipur, one has recovered.

States and Union territories with appropriate one positive Covid-19 case embody Arunachal Pradesh, Mizoram, Tripura.

Sikkim, Meghalaya and Nagaland non-public no longer reported any Covid-19 case but.

India entered the 16th day of the 21-day coronavirus lockdown on Thursday that can live to express the tale April 14, if no longer prolonged. 

Display: Figures are from legitimate data released by the Ministry of Successfully being, and can fluctuate from realtime numbers released by varied articulate governments self-discipline to affirmation from the Centre.

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