WrestleMania: Bray Wyatt sang Nikki Bella’s theme tune to John Cena unswerving thru Firefly Funhouse

WrestleMania 36 is officially in the books, and even though it wasn’t moderately esteem anything else considered earlier than it, it in actuality went down moderately well with the WWE Universe.

For certain it turned into as soon as involving at cases and not using a live target audience and no fan participation, however the suits themselves and the storytelling unswerving thru turned into as soon as moderately grand web site on.

Okay the ordinary match didn’t in actuality live up to expectations and merely didn’t belong on a WrestleMania card, however the tip-tier suits, the ones you anticipated to purchase the display conceal, in actuality didn’t disappoint.

WWE outdated this involving and rare different to salvage truly weird and wonderful and in actual fact ingenious, and they confirmed that on both nights with The Undertaker and AJ Kinds struggling with in a Boneyard Match on Saturday night, and then Bray Wyatt and John Cena doing fight on Sunday night in a Firefly Funhouse match.

It is a ways merely no longer likely to construct into phrases what on earth we witnessed between Wyatt and Cena, but weirdly, we digged it, and so did most of the WWE Universe. It turned into as soon as that impressive, even WWE expertise and outdated expertise were raving about it on their very hang deepest Twitter accounts.

In what regarded as if it’d be some invent of time commute between the two superstars, one moment in particular stood out extra so than the the rest, and that turned into as soon as when Wyatt dived into Cena’s deepest lifestyles.

A few years ago, Cena turned into as soon as in a thoroughly documented relationship with WWE ‘diva’ Nikki Bella, and he even proposed to her live unswerving thru a WrestleMania.

On the opposite hand, their relationship broke off soon after that romantic moment, and they every went their very hang device, with the Bella twin now pregnant with her recent partner.

Wyatt outdated this historical past on Cena unswerving thru the Firefly Funhouse match and unswerving thru one interplay, began to pronounce Nikki’s theme tune.

‘That you just would possibly per chance per chance additionally see but you would additionally’t touch,’ he started singing as Cena aimed a punch at him, which he prevented.

Yes all of the weekend turned into as soon as a weird and wonderful expertise, but overall it turned into as soon as stress-free and memorable.

WWE deserve credit for how they dealt with the tell, and ingenious suits esteem the Firefly Funhouse would possibly per chance per chance play a huge segment in the alternate over the next couple of years.

Per chance Wyatt can launch singing theme tunes to varied superstars along the vogue.

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