Will Chiranjeevi Elevate out The Same with Ram Charan and Allu Arjun?

The alternative day, Megastar Chiranjeevi hinted about revealing one thing in connection with April eighth which happens to be the Birthday of Allu Arjun. On the other aspect, Mythri Movie Makers, the production home of Allu Arjun’s next additionally launched revealing an Exchange about their film on the an analogous day.

We ticket no longer know if every these are honest occasions or about the an analogous. However just a few rumormongers are busy spreading the news that Chiranjeevi will be taking part in a crucial role in Allu Arjun’s next with Sukumar. Nonetheless, film consultants mutter that this form of possibility is amazingly no longer seemingly.

“Ram Charan and Chiranjeevi are going to behave together in Acharya. At this juncture, Chiranjeevi is no longer vulnerable to behave with every other hero of the Mega family. This can send the imperfect message to the viewers and additionally, there will be no exclusivity. Most likely, it is about two numerous things,” they mutter.

No topic what of us mutter, Mega fans will be eagerly anticipating April eighth.

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