Vu Top rate 4K LED Android TV Review

Indian tv ticket Vu handiest not too long ago launched its Cinema TV differ in India, which we praised for the sheer fee on provide. That tv series parts support for the Dolby Imaginative and prescient HDR structure, and runs on the Android TV platform, at prices starting effectively under Rs. 30,000. Whereas we would maintain anticipated Vu to relax out and wait a whereas earlier than its subsequent beginning, the company is clearly in no mood to hit the brakes.

Quickly after the Vu Cinema TV series changed into launched, the company launched one other tv differ in India – the Vu Top rate 4K TV series. The contemporary units maintain many of the capabilities of the Cinema TV series, along side Dolby Imaginative and prescient HDR and Android TV with support on your whole fundamental streaming products and services. So what sets this the Vu Top rate 4K TV other than the company’s outdated choices, apart from the competition? Web out in our review.

The Vu Top rate 4K TV has an understated and advanced inquire

Vu Top rate 4K LED Android TV diagram and specifications

The Vu Top rate 4K TV differ is available in the market in three sizes – 43-rush, 50-rush and 55-rush – and all maintain the identical specifications attach for the 43-rush variant, which has a rated sound output of 24W as in comparison with 30W for the 50-rush and 55-rush alternatives. All three variants maintain 4K LED-backlit displays and support HDR explain material up to the Dolby Imaginative and prescient structure. The specifications and parts are linked to these of the Vu Cinema TV differ which is available in the market on Amazon in India, but the Top rate 4K differ is available in the market on Flipkart and is priced lovely pretty extra cheaply at Rs. 24,999 onwards.

We had the tip-cease 55-rush 55PM model for review, which is priced at Rs. 31,999. This makes it amongst doubtlessly the most cheap televisions of this size with Dolby Imaginative and prescient in India. Then again, there are some key differences between this differ and the 55-rush Vu Cinema TV: the sound output in all fairness much less at 30W, and the diagram in all fairness extra discreet and centered on the show camouflage. It is a just ingredient in our draw, for the explanation that viewer’s consideration is extra without articulate directed to the explain material on show camouflage in situation of the diagram of the TV.

The chin of the Vu Top rate 4K TV is narrower, making for the next show camouflage-to-physique ratio. The integrated stands are gray and match the bottom of the TV, whereas the rest is apparent gloomy. This makes the TV loads much less striking, but with televisions we be aware of that to be a just ingredient. The stands are hooked up near the 2 ends of the TV, so if you desk-mount it, you are going to need a wide ample desk.

Wall-mounting the TV is discreet ample, and traditional VESA mounts will put on without articulate. The energy cord is non-detachable, and most ports and sockets face to the left of the show camouflage. These encompass three HDMI ports (with HDMI ARC supported on the HDMI 1 port), two USB ports, digital audio out, Ethernet, an antenna port, and 3.5mm audio out. The AV In sockets are the ideal ones which face to the relieve.The ports had been all tough to get right of entry to with the TV on a wall mount, so it’s advisable to connect all of your cables and gadgets earlier than mounting it.

The TV has a rated brightness of 400 nits and a conventional refresh rate of 60Hz. To speed the running machine, the Vu Top rate 4K TV has a quad-core processor and 2GB of RAM. There’s 16GB of storage for apps and app data. Dolby and DTS audio are supported by the 30W field speaker machine, and the 55-rush variant weighs a modest 12.3kg without the stands.

Vu Top rate 4K LED Android TV far-off and parts

Whereas most fundamental TV manufacturers maintain moved to smaller, minimalist remotes, Vu held firm with fat-size remotes until as not too long ago as early this 365 days. Then again, with the Vu Top rate 4K TV, the company has at final long past with a cramped far-off that has fewer buttons. It is a Bluetooth unit that runs on two AAA batteries; the TV’s energy is managed by an IR emitter, though.

The quantity pad, color buttons, and playback controls are all long past, with the far-off keeping the purpose of interest on the course pad and Android TV navigation buttons. There are also hotkeys for Netflix, YouTube, Google Play, Amazon Top Video, and Hotstar, other than a Google Assistant button.

The far-off has fewer buttons than most assorted Vu televisions

Which you may possibly possibly even obviously trade the source, get right of entry to settings, adjust the volume, and soundless sound using the far-off. It looks just and works effectively. We did miss devoted playback keys; the D-pad substitutes for these, but just will not be at all times rather as easy to utilize as correct playback controls. The relieve has a grippy textured slay which we liked, and we had been in particular impressed with the odd diagram of the energy button.

The Vu Top rate 4K TV, like assorted Android TV gadgets, has built-in Chromecast efficiency which is precious for show camouflage mirroring from effectively suited gadgets. Bluetooth connectivity not handiest enables for the far-off to work without being pointed on the TV, but also capacity that you simply can connect external wi-fi headphones or audio system.

Vu Top rate 4K LED Android TV instrument and interface

Android TV is one of doubtlessly the most smartly-liked neat TV platforms in India, and Vu continues to work with Google to enable neat connectivity on its televisions. The Vu Top rate 4K TV runs on Android TV 9 Pie (the contemporary model of the platform), with the stock launcher and get right of entry to to the whole smartly-liked apps and streaming products and services. Unlike on some Android TV-powered televisions supplied by companies that compete with some streaming products and services (such because the MarQ differ), Vu’s televisions maintain no barriers on the Android TV platform; you are going to have the option to get right of entry to comparatively indispensable the whole lot accessible.

In vogue apps comparable to Netflix, Amazon Top Video, and Hotstar are preinstalled on the TV, and work to its fat capabilities. This means that you simply’re going to have the option to seem 4K, Dolby Imaginative and prescient and HDR10 explain material if your Net connection and subscription plans support that. Which you may possibly possibly even additionally use Google Assistant to get right of entry to explain material or get contextual data, apart from use an Assistant-basically based entirely mostly tool such because the Google Dwelling to manipulate some parts of the TV thru verbalize instructions.

The general instrument and connectivity basically based entirely mostly parts of the Vu Top rate 4K TV worked as anticipated. We maintain now described intimately why we just like the Android TV platform so indispensable in loads of of our outdated reports, and it’s no assorted with the Vu Top rate 4K TV. This is arguably the ideal neat TV platform accessible correct now, and makes for a wholly gratifying trip without the need for added equipment comparable to media streaming gadgets.

The TV has 30W field audio system with support for Dolby Audio

The TV is lickety-split to wake from standby and doesn’t desire in addition up entirely every time it’s turned on, like some assorted Android TV gadgets. The fat checklist of settings is accessible thru the Android TV dwelling show camouflage, but a cramped put that involves record and sound settings can be accessed whereas explain material is taking half in from any source.

We did inquire some concerns with efficiency when using an HDMI tool for HDR10 explain material. On our Amazon Fire TV Stick 4K, The Immense Tour changed into either too boring or entirely whitewashed, looking on whether the Fire TV Stick changed into put to 10-bit or 12-bit HDR; a correct record changed into not doable to get. Apart from this, colours also once quickly looked uncommon with non-HDR explain material, and we in total most smartly-liked using the Android TV interface for its lack of record concerns. We slay hope that a instrument update will repair this.

Vu Top rate 4K LED Android TV efficiency

With identical specifications to the Vu Cinema TV at a a cramped bit lower ticket, the Vu Top rate 4K TV is effectively price pondering if that you simply may possibly possibly also be hunting for a fee-for-money option. With a 55-rush 4K LED show camouflage and support for HDR up to the Dolby Imaginative and prescient structure, the tv can tackle comparatively indispensable something you throw at it, and slay so capably.

There are cramped differences between the Vu Top rate 4K TV and the Cinema TV with regards to sound and top brightness, but in day after day use you are not truly to inquire these differences. The 55PM is amongst the ideal 55-rush televisions you are going to have the option to eliminate on a decent funds; it makes sense if that you simply may possibly possibly also be hunting for prime-cease parts and decent ample efficiency for the price.

We began with 4K Dolby Imaginative and prescient explain material to take a look at the TV at its most efficient, taking half in some of our sample video clips apart from explain material from Netflix comparable to Night time On Earth and The King. Colors and practical motion had been handled effectively by the TV, and the record changed into moderately intellectual and comparatively spicy.

4K Dolby Imaginative and prescient explain material naturally brings out the ideal in the Vu Top rate 4K TV

Sunless ranges weren’t tall, and we did spy a gray tinge throughout the show camouflage in darkish scenes. This wasn’t as unhealthy with Dolby Imaginative and prescient explain material, but fat-HD and HD explain material highlighted this gray tinge in particular strongly, and made for below-common blacks in loads of of the motion photos, TV shows, and video clips we watched.

Intellectual scenes played out fantastically on the Vu Top rate 4K TV, and had been a pleasure to search. Brilliant shots, in particular the radiant sunlight hours scenes in Narcos: Mexico, had been striking and extremely correct when it got right here to color tones. This changed into largely considered even with just HDR10 explain material, comparable to diversified episodes of The Immense Tour.

With original SDR 4K explain material, the Vu Top rate 4K TV retains sharpness and detail, but we did inquire some concerns with fleet motion, and brightness wasn’t as impressive as we would maintain liked even at this ticket diploma. South Korean film Parasite – the Oscar winner for Easiest Declare this 365 days – once quickly looked pretty too boring in the ineffective of night scenes, in particular the early parts of the film which articulate the living prerequisites of the principle characters in the film.

Attributable to Net concerns whereas watching the film, the resolution consistently switched from 4K to fat-HD for us. This highlighted one other cramped field; color temperature regarded to trade because the resolution switched. 4K explain material regarded pretty duller than fat-HD explain material, with the TV seeming to make amends for the lower resolution with extra brightness. This tells us that the TV’s in-built algorithms for record enchancment slay not continually work too effectively.

4K and whole-HD explain material looks just on the TV, but we did trip some concerns

Switching to fat-HD and HD explain material, we watched Once Upon A Time In Hollywood. The record changed into spicy due to just upscaling by the TV, but colours had been pretty too punchy, and motion changed into too jittery for our liking. Even with all motion processing switched off, the TV did not render correct motion blur in shots with rapid motion, in particular the scenes of Brad Pitt’s personality driving down the streets of Hollywood.

Looking at The Mandalorian on Disney+ Hotstar at fat-HD resolution, we had been impressed with how just the Necessary person Wars universe looked, with Din Djarin’s silver Beskar armour glistening and hunting in particular striking on the Vu Top rate 4K TV. Darkish scenes did not inquire as just though, with the Vu Top rate 4K TV faltering pretty in the face of Hotstar’s indispensable-criticised stream quality.

With traditional definition explain material, the Vu 55PM faltered lovely pretty. The TV does a ample job of upscaling traditional definition explain material, and sharpness is as just as we would place a question to of from SD video on a 55-rush TV. Then again, we found colours and brightness to be a tad artificially boosted, and motion concerns intended that there had been just a few too many artefacts in lickety-split-transferring scenes. This did not topic too indispensable with intriguing videos, but had a slight negative affect with stay-action explain material.

A astronomical motive that we liked the Vu Cinema TV so indispensable changed into its entrance-firing 40W sound machine. The Vu Top rate 4K TV’s a cramped bit lower ticket is partly defined by the proven fact that it has a much less succesful 30W field speaker setup, which fires downwards from the bottom of the TV. The sound changed into long-established in all regards, as we would maintain anticipated from any TV on this ticket differ. It did get suitably loud and changed into obvious ample even at excessive volumes. Which you may possibly possibly even just aloof make investments in a just soundbar or speaker machine if you are going to have the option to, but The TV’s audio system will work satisfactorily ample if you slay not give you the money for that.

The Vu Top rate 4K TV in all fairness extra cheap than the Vu Cinema TV


Vu has, for years now, made Indian tv investors place a question to of the have to exhaust astronomical bucks on their subsequent TV. With the Vu Top rate 4K TV, the company continues to give ravishing fee for money. For Rs. 31,999, the 55-rush model of this tv gives specifications and parts we would veritably place a question to of to spy in TVs that ticket twice as indispensable. It is not at all times without its concerns, but we had been impressed with it for doubtlessly the most portion.

For these who rely on streaming products and services for most of your viewing, the Vu Top rate 4K TV can even not let you down. Dolby Imaginative and prescient explain material naturally brings out the ideal on this TV, but it does an acceptable job even with lower resolutions. As with most astronomical-show camouflage televisions, traditional definition is its handiest old point, so that is something to be aware of if you exhaust indispensable of your time watching traditional-definition DTH or cable TV explain material.

The most fascinating competition to the Vu Top rate 4K TV is one other model from the identical exact – the Vu Cinema TV. It costs lovely pretty extra than the Vu Top rate 4K TV, but gives higher sound quality and extra striking looks. If these objects topic to you, it’s price pondering over the Vu Top rate 4K TV. There’s also a cramped distinction in availability which may possibly even topic to just a few folks; the Cinema TV is without articulate accessible on Amazon, whereas the Top rate 4K TV can be supplied on Flipkart.

Mark: Rs. 31,999 (Vu Top rate 4K LED Android TV 55PM)

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