Look What’s New in Ubuntu MATE 20.04 LTS [Desktop Tour]

Am 06.04.2020 veröffentlicht

Ubuntu MATE 20.04 beta model is out. We took it for a slump to expose you your complete unusual visual aspects to this unusual feature.

The MATE style of Ubuntu 20.04 aspects MATE desktop 1.24 that brings a lot of unusual GUI functions to its fold. There is a brand unusual tool for with out complications managing mounted disk, firmware update and time zone administration.

All in all, this looks to be as if a promising release with masses of aspects to be pondering.

While it’s also possible to very well be already utilizing Ubuntu MATE, you would possibly maybe esteem it. Even supposing you occur to would possibly maybe well also very well be no longer utilizing it, it is a staunch different for programs and not utilizing a longer so staunch hardware specification.

Ride 🙂


Video credits: Ankush Das, Abhishek Prakash, Rohini Rachita

Tune Credits: Youtube Tune (Russian Dance)

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