Karan Johar’s Daughter Plays Nursery Rhyme on Guitar, Son Yash Hides within the Closet in Unusual Lockdown Video

Karan Johar’s most up-to-date video from his lockdown diaries exhibits his son Yash derive into a salvage, while daughter Roohi performs a runt guitar.

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  • Final Updated: April 6, 2020, 2: 09 PM IST

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Karan Johar’s ‘Toodles’ diaries on Instagram proceed. The filmmaker been filming his son and daughter exploring his closet at some level of the lockdown length. The twins, Yash and Roohi, have their private hold on their father’s fashion picks, which attach for a hilarious glance.

Within the most up-to-date video, Karan is viewed filming his son Yash first derive into a salvage, then cloak in a single part of his closet. Roohi has a runt guitar which she tries to play and voice a nursery rhyme.

Karan asks Yash why he selected to derive into the salvage, and the young other folks says because “Shah Rukh Khan is here.” Yash errors Mick Jagger for Shah Rukh Khan in a poster mendacity within the closet.

Alia Bhatt, who is Yash’s rakhi sister, commentes, “Oh God!”, while Anushka Sharma urged, “Consume them up!”

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On Sunday evening Karan took his twins to the terrace to take hold of part in Top Minister Narendra Modi’s #9pm9minutes initiative. The young other folks, carrying gorgeous nightsuits, were conserving the gentle of cellphones in solidarity with the healthcare workers who were at the frontline of the coronavirus battle.

In an earlier video from the lockdown diaries, Yash is viewed calling is ‘Dada’ insensible. Karan asks, “Who is insensible?” “Dadda (Karan) is insensible, because corona is coming,” Yash says earlier than working away. The video had Bollywood celebs treasure Anushka Sharma and Malaika Arora in splits.

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