Intel’s Crafty Thought To Beat AMD Leaked: 10-Core 5.3GHz Core i9-10900k Confirmed For April Launch

Official slides, interestingly from Intel itself, had been leaked to Videocardz, which affirm the existence of Intel’s three K-series 10th Generation desktop processors – the Core i9-10900K, Core i7-10700K and Core i5-10600K.

Intel’s 10th Generation K-series desktop CPUs will likely be pleased as a lot as 10 cores and 20 threads and enhance … [+] frequencies as a lot as 5.3GHz

Intel Company

The three CPUs, the slides affirm, will provide 10 cores, 20 threads, eight cores, 16 threads and 6 cores, 12 threads respectively – precisely what we have been wanting forward to given the overwhelming weight of proof so a long way.

Intel’s Core i9-10900K looks to be like build to be pleased 10 cores, 20 threads and a peak enhance frequency of 5.3GHz


Frequencies additionally largely tally with what we have heard rumored of Intel’s 10th Generation processors too. The Core i9-10900K will reach as a lot as 5.3GHz, the Core i7-10700K as a lot as 5.1GHz and the Core i5-10600K as a lot as 4.8GHz. Efficiency numbers are scarce but we have already seen some early numbers for the Core i9-10900K below.

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the Core i7-10700K looks to be like build to be pleased eight cores, 16 threads – equivalent to the current Core … [+] i9-9900K, to boot to a 5.1GHz peak enhance frequency


One of the vital up-to-date rumored specifications are listed below, including the novel frequencies from the leaked slides for the K-series items.

Intel’s Core i5-10600K looks to be like build to be a Core i5-9600K replacement, with the addition of … [+] Hyper-Threading giving it a spacious enhance in multi-threaded performance


Videocardz additionally claims to be pleased a source that confirms a 30th April announcement of the CPUs and Z490 chipset. It’s unclear whether or no longer this might perhaps increasingly also be the date CPUs are on hand or although we are going to gaze benchmarks, but it looks sure that interior the following month we are going to know for sure how noteworthy Intel’s novel CPUs will trace and how rapid they are when put next with AMD’s Third Gen Ryzen CPUs.

Costs will be key as to produce first charge opponents, they are going to wish to take a seat down cessation to their present counterparts while providing noteworthy improved multi-threaded performance due to Hyper-Threading being integrated all the very best plot during the overall stack. I’ll be attend with extra rumors, diagnosis and experiences of Intel and AMD’s desktop products this year so make sure to observe me here on Forbes using the hyperlink below, on TwitterFacebookYouTubeInstagram or Reddit for additional PC hardware news and experiences.

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