Bose Lets Customers Downgrade QC35 Firmware After Months of Complaints

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After Bose launched up prior to now firmware for its QC35 II headphones closing year, customers complained on the firm’s forums that the headphone’s active noise cancellation had gotten a worse. Now, the series of complaints has ballooned to contain extra than 200 pages within the discussion board, and even though Bose says its tool isn’t the topic, the firm is allowing customers to downgrade their headphone’s firmware.

Points first cropped up closing summer season after Bose launched firmware version 4.5.2 for its QC35 and QC35 II headphones. Whereas it looks no longer every one became affected or noticed a replace, others complained the change introduced on a drastic lower within the effectiveness of Bose’s ANC tech, with some QC35 II house owners even asserting that “the ANC on high stage is now equivalent to in LOW. I can no longer hear any dissimilarity when i toggle between them now. The the same amount of sounds battle thru to my ears.”

Unhurried closing week, Bose posted a response detailing the region and what it has executed to title and evaluation it. Bose says that after thorough sorting out, the firm is “confident that firmware 4.5.2 didn’t like an impress on the noise cancelling feature.”

Bose says it reached this conclusion by sorting out a series of headphones using diverse firmware, inspecting headphones returned to firm, and even sending acoustic engineers out to construct 5 in-residence visits. Within the stop, Bose found out that eight of the 10 units it tested in-depth had been functioning wisely. In a series of cases where an particular person complained about ANC no longer working wisely, Bose found out that things fancy third-birthday celebration earcups or earcups no longer being snapped in wisely, interestingly inflicting the notion of vulnerable ANC efficiency.

Bose says that in one finest case did its engineers gain a pair of QC35 IIs where there became minute dissimilarity between atmosphere ANC to high or low, which ended up being introduced on by mechanical damage, presumably from phenomenal put on and sprint because the owner “renowned that they didn’t spend the case to retailer and transport their headphones whereas commuting each day.”

Whereas Bose says it “couldn’t attribute any noise reduction efficiency loss to the QC35 4.5.2 firmware,” it says it did be taught some things from its investigation and got here up with a number of solutions on take care of obvious points.

First, to greater educate QC35 house owners on wisely spend and withhold their headphones, Bose created a brand new kit of instructional videos and documents. Second, it’s up prior to now its messaging round updates to extra clearly direct the variation between updating firmware versus updating Sing Prompts.

In a roundabout blueprint, Bose can even now allow customers to downgrade the QC35 and QC53 II’s firmware by the Bose BTU field, which is an option that became beforehand unavailable.

So whereas it looks the firmware became no longer the staunch motive of degraded ANC efficiency within the QC35s, at least some factual did blueprint out of a virtually yearlong investigation.

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