WWE WrestleMania 36 Results: John Cena Vs. Bray Wyatt Became as soon as Unattainable, But Did It Surely Help Wyatt?

WWE WrestleMania 36 proved that, despite his memorable Firefly Enjoyable Home match with John Cena, “The … [+] Fiend” Bray Wyatt has been ruined by heart-broken reserving. (Credit: STRINGER/AFP via Getty Photography)

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WWE made the controversial resolution to entire “The Fiend” Bray Wyatt’s Widespread title plug at Immense ShowDown, and even an extremely weird WrestleMania 36 victory over John Cena can’t erase that.

In a single in every of the most irregular fits in WrestleMania history, Wyatt defeated Cena (we relate?) in the 16-time world champion’s first match in successfully over a yr. To beginning out with pegged to protect his Widespread Championship in opposition to Roman Reigns at WWE’s flagship pay-per-conception, Wyatt turned into one in every of many stars who turned into shortchanged on account of WWE’s consistently changing plans that resulted in the 53-yr-historical Goldberg getting an in heart-broken health-suggested title plug, seemingly because he equipped slightly enhance to SmackDown viewership and Vince McMahon seen greenback indicators.

WWE conception that having Wyatt face Cena at WrestleMania for the second time will be a gigantic deal, nonetheless despite whether or no longer he turned into going to decide on or lose in opposition to “The Champ” and despite Cena’s superstar energy, this bout—whereas you will must want to name it that—-turned into a fundamental step down for Wyatt after he had been using excessive as maybe the most up so some distance superstar in WWE.

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In path to Immense ShowDown in February, Wyatt had been safe by the reserving in a mode that ideally suited about a stars were over time. He had yet to lose a match and had lately plug by top names like The Miz, Seth Rollins and Daniel Bryan to save quite rather a lot of himself as somebody with the aptitude to be the most unbeatable world champion in history. Then, Goldberg’s return occurred although he wasn’t to beginning with direct to be at WrestleMania, and WWE fully destroyed any and all momentum Wyatt had when he turned into defeated in exactly about a minutes at an otherwise throwaway Saudi Arabian special occasion. The total trap of “The Fiend” persona is how unstoppable it is miles, and yet, at Immense ShowDown it turned into stopped useless in its tracks.

WWE tried to resolve that at WrestleMania 36 by giving Wyatt what, on the outside, seems like relatively the comfort prize: A match with the largest superstar for your total company in WWE. Cena has save over Wyatt on a couple of instances previously, and at WrestleMania 36, Cena entered the brand new world of the Firefly Enjoyable Home to save quite rather a lot of over Wyatt, which surely doesn’t spoil Cena on condition that his legacy as maybe the ideally suited WWE celeb of all-time is already etched in stone.

Though Cena and Wyatt delivered a cinematic masterpiece, Cena’s loss to Wyatt, nonetheless, looks to be like as if a classic case of too limited too unhurried.

It turned into in unhurried 2019 that Wyatt grew to change into the unquestioned most up-to-the-minute act in all of expert wrestling. Wyatt’s merchandise turned into promoting like hotcakes in path to him turning into WWE’s No. 1 merchandise mover and maybe the most revolutionary and compelling persona since The Undertaker. For positive, that didn’t discontinue WWE from nearly losing the ball along with his persona and doing so on better than one occasion, like at Hell in a Cell 2019 when Wyatt—even supposing he didn’t lose—additionally failed to beat Rollins for the Widespread Championship. That weird reserving transfer nearly did Wyatt in sooner than he even surely obtained started, and although Wyatt turned into in the smash in a direct to accept successfully from that, it’s no longer like his plug hasn’t been without its comely piece of hiccups.

Wyatt’s memorable efficiency at WrestleMania 36 turned into positively an overt are trying to excellent-searching away the unpleasant stench of his disappointing loss to Goldberg at Immense ShowDown, nonetheless its impression turned into minimized because many WWE followers may possibly possibly well scrutinize that that turned into exactly what WWE turned into trying to entire. On one hand, a opt over Cena in a single in every of the strangest fits ever distinct looks to be like sizable on paper, nonetheless on the diversified, followers didn’t merely put out of your mind that Wyatt misplaced to Goldberg in comically short style correct on account of what occurred at WrestleMania 36.

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