Vyrus Alyen, a bike with a Ducati at coronary heart, appears straight out of a sci-fi movie

It comes from Italy. It has two wheels and a Ducati engine in a position to producing higher than 200 hp of vitality. Meet the recent Vyrus Alyen, the most customary mannequin to near out of the Italian superbike maker’s stable primarily based in Rimini.

Essentially the most customary Vyrus superbike appears fancy it got here from outer house, and wouldn’t understand out of location in a science fiction movie. At its coronary heart sits a Ducati Superquadro V-Twin engine that is mated to a six-velocity gearbox, and might maybe well invent 205 hp of vitality at 10,500 rpm.

Vyrus Alyen comes built with double-beam magnesium chassis – baptised as Double Omega Earn – along with a building that embraces the 1285 cc Superquadro engine weak by Ducati in its two-cylinder Panigale. The body and the wheels of the Vyrus Alyen are fabricated from carbon fibre.

Quite than a historical fork, the Vyrus Alyen uses hub-centre steering, a suspension configuration known as Hydraulic Wired Steering Device. Ascanio Rodorigo, the challenge chief of Vyrus, developed the device for the most necessary time in 2004 for Bimota Tesi 2D superbike.

The hub-centre steering device separates the steering and suspension functions. It helps to separate braking forces from suspension movements making the bike extra agile by corners and serving to with the load shift beneath braking.

What makes this superbike noteworthy extra interesting is its invent. The bike aspects composite handguards with integrated flip signals. The exercise device is derived from the Vyrus 982 M2 bike. The wheels are the recent forged “Bullet” carbon objects from Rotobox which helps to help the load of the bike down. The braking device aspects the Brembo GP4 series whereas the suspension is equipped entrance and rear with Vyrus Push Rod Twin Pivot.

For the time being, Vyrus has been very transient in offering particulars of the bike. They own no longer even revealed how many objects of this bike will likely be produced. On the total, such superbikes are no longer made in bulk and are mostly meant for followers and collectors. As for the value, it’s miles successfully going to invent your eyes pop.

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