NASA’s Curiosity Rover Takes a Selfie on Mars — Here is How It Occurred (Video)

NASA’s Curiosity rover lately set a file for the steepest hill it’s ever climbed, and  to commemorate the achievement, the rover took a selfie — naturally.

Within the course of its explorations of the red planet, Curiosity had to climb over the Greenheugh Pediment at a 31-stage tilt. The most efficient other steep climb that had been previously done used to be achieved by the Different rover when it scaled a 32-stage hill on Mars in 2016.

“It took three drives, and used to be price it,” Curiosity ‘wrote’ on Twitter. “Earlier than I scaled the hill, I took this self-portrait.”

However no typical selfie-stick snapshot would assemble for the Curiosity rover. The selfie is a 360-stage panorama stitched together from 86 footage taken by a robotic arm. The photos had been shot the usage of a Mars Hand Lens Digicam, or MAHLI, on the close of the robotic arm.

The MAHLI is ready to plot close close-up photos of Mars’s sand grains and rock textures, identical to how a geologist would use a magnifying glass on Earth. When the digicam turns around, it’s ready to snap selfies of the rover in circulate.

The rover is designed in utter to climb hills of up to 45 degrees, however usually its wheels derive caught throughout the ascent, in line with NASA. However it completely used to be never in ache of tipping over. Its drivers support on Earth carefully belief every drive to withhold Curiosity safe and ready to total its Mars mission.

Since 2014, Curiosity has been exploring Mars’  Mount Intelligent, a 3-mile-gargantuan mountain on the guts of Gale Crater, and sending footage support to Earth.

Earlier this month, the rover launched the ideal decision picture ever taken of Mars. The 1.8-billion pixel panorama reveals the Martian panorama in unheard of ingredient.

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