ITC’s boxes of ‘hope’ and ‘happiness’ to offer very critical supplies to the aged amid Covid-19 lo…

Residence / India News / ITC’s boxes of ‘hope’ and ‘happiness’ to offer very critical supplies to the aged amid Covid-19 lockdown

Within the wake of the coronavirus outbreak, the ITC community has joined arms with three NGOs to attend present very critical meals supplies to those severely hit by the Covid-19 lockdown.

Below its credo, ‘Nation First – Sab Saath Badhein’, the ITC community has joined arms with NGOs worship Puny one Rights and You (CRY) and SOS Kids’s Village India.

The NGOs will attend ITC implement its particular intervention that addresses the month-long meals consumption requirement of the kids and the aged across the country.

The program, which is backed by ITC’s 150 crore Covid-19 emergency fund will seemingly be applied from April 1, 2020, to catch particular that very critical supplies attain the kids and the aged of the nation by its ‘Aashirvaad Field of Hope’ and Sunfeast Field of Happiness. The boxes will seemingly be hand-delivered.

The respective volunteers of the NGOs in every divulge will catch particular the programme is applied across the country in diverse states while guaranteeing the requisite health, hygiene and security precautions.

‘Aashirvaad Field of Hope’ for the aged contains Aashirvaad atta, salt and customary spices.

Sunfeast Field of Happiness for teenagers contains packets of Sunfeast biscuits, YiPPee! noodles, Jelimals, B Natural juices and snacks from Bingo!

ITC branded packaged meals is the third-highest meals firm within the country and is pushed by its smartly-liked brands worship Aashirvaad, Bingo! YiPPee! Sunfeast, Candyman, among others.

It deals in staples, spices, ready-to-indulge in, snacks, bakery and confectionary, juices and beverages. 

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