ICMR components advisory on developing novel COVID-19 testing labs

In accordance with the scorching advisory issued by Indian Council of Medical Study (ICMR),districts without a operational COVID-19 testing facility, developing of a novel centre will be thought to be if the different of suspected instances is bigger than 100 per day and the nearest testing laboratory is over 250 kms away in the plains and over 150 kms away in hilly areas. For the time being, the ICMR has authorized COVID-19 testing in bigger than 200 laboratories across the nation.

In accordance with novel requests from several districts for initiation of COVID-19 testing, the ICMR has advance up with an advisory for developing novel laboratories.

In accordance with the advisory, a testing laboratory can even be made operational in a district in case the nearest one is at the above-mentioned distance and the unusual laboratories are testing no lower than 100 samples every per day.

If the nearest testing laboratory is at the above-mentioned distance, now not testing 100 samples per day and would not agree to verify samples from the affected district, then it’d be closed down and permission will be given to space up a novel laboratory, it stated.

To have a testing facility, the district must always even have a BSL-2-level government laboratory, along side a molecular biology setup for virological prognosis and availability of group with a factual notion of laboratory biosafety and biosecurity, and trained to kind out respiratory samples for viral prognosis among others.

“If a district has no government laboratory, nevertheless has a internal most laboratory that can practice for COVID-19 testing, the laboratory must have NABL accreditation and the scope of accreditation must encompass staunch-time PCR for respiratory viruses,” the ICMR advisory stated.

Proofs of the mentioned necessities deserve to be submitted to the ICMR while applying for a novel testing laboratory, along side documents and photos of the laboratory, it stated.

In a assembly headed by Union Smartly being Minister Dr Harsh Vardhan  earlier this week, DG, ICMR educated that 129 government laboratories are purposeful with a testing capability of 13000 tests per day along with 49 NABL accredited internal most lab. The internal most chains have spherical 16000 series centres. It used to be also educated that ample check kits had been procured and disseminated across the States for any extra eventualities.

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