Fact Test: Viral Message About Phased Lockdown Suggested by WHO is Fraudulent

Consultant image: Americans sustaining safe distance stand in queue to protect greens all over the continued nationwide lockdown, in Shimla on April 4, 2020. (PTI Represent)

No such note was chanced on on WHO’s web living.

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Piece this:

A pretend message has been doing the rounds on social media apps such as WhatsApp and Facebook that states the World Health Group (WHO) has recommend a scientific lockdown time desk to battle the coronavirus. Per the message, India is handiest in the 2d section of lockdown and these phases are going to continue till June this one year.

On the opposite hand, WHO has recommend no such “protocol and process” for worldwide lockdown. Therefore, the viral message is pretend.

The message claims that the WHO has prescribed four steps in declare to enforce lockdown in the countries. Step 1 says that lockdown could well perchance be imposed for a day followed by step 2, which mentions a lockdown of 21 days. After the restrictions are relaxed for five days, one other lockdown of 28 days will possible be announced. Put up one other five day gap, a lockdown of 15 days will possible be imposed.

The message additionally acknowledged that the Indian govt is following a identical process and that after the lockdown is relaxed for five days after April 14, one other longer lockdown will possible be announced.

The message, understandably, has generated a form of buzz and apprehension.

No such note was chanced on on WHO’s web living. The Press Files Bureau has additionally nullified all such claims.

Even when many countries possess imposed partial and entire lockdown to derive the unfold of COVID-19, the rules were devised by the respective governments and no longer by the WHO. As of now, the govt. stands by its decision to impose lockdown till April 14.

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