Explained: Is burial or cremation safe? The technique to manage with bodies of COVID-19 patients

Written by Tabassum Barnagarwala
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Published: April 6, 2020 4: 00: 24 am

The BMC has urged the usage of an electrical or piped pure gas crematorium.

LAST WEEK, the Brihanmumbai Municipal Company of Mumbai issued a circular that bodies of all COVID-19 patients could perhaps perhaps be cremated at the nearest crematorium, with none rituals. The circular changed into later amended, allowing burials greatest if grounds had been spacious enough.

Why changed into the advise launched?

The Municipal Commissioner in Mumbai is an empowered officer beneath the Epidemic Act, 1897, to subject orders to maintain the COVID-19 epidemic. The commissioner acknowledged the circular changed into issued after a “community leader delivered to my perceive that present burial grounds are in highly dense locality with excessive chances of contamination in dense community/ residential areas internal attain”. This changed into sooner than the modification allowing burials in greater grounds.

A general surgeon, feeble 85, died in Hinduja Sanatorium after testing certain for COVID-19. After his physique changed into discharged by the clinic on March 27, the family buried it with out civic workers. This reportedly raised concerns in the BMC over whether precautions had been taken.

What has been urged now?

The BMC has urged the usage of an electrical or piped pure gas crematorium. The circular acknowledged packing the physique in a plastic and burying peaceable holds risk of contamination as decomposition is delayed in plastic. It acknowledged now not better than five other folks shall be allowed to back the funeral.

Nonetheless what about of us that traditionally bury their silly?

The circular makes an exception. Folks who direct on burial, it says, shall be allowed greatest if the burial grounds are spacious enough and pose no risk of contamination in internal attain areas. The circular doesn’t, however, specify the dimensions of the cemetery the salvage burial shall be allowed. The day the circular changed into issued, Maharashtra Smartly being Minister Rajesh Tope knowledgeable The Indian Particular that the central authorities’s pointers for handling silly bodies must be followed in the thunder.

And what attain the central pointers bid?

The Smartly being Ministry’s detailed pointers are for handling of bodies of COVID-19 patients. These enable every cremation and burial, and produce no mention of any risk of contamination from bodies if buried.

The physique must be sealed in a leak-proof plastic fetch. The pointers enable greatest the face to be considered by unzipping the fetch, and attain now not allow bathing, kissing or hugging of the physique. Relatives are allowed to learn non secular lines and sprinkle holy water, as lengthy as nobody touches the physique.

Embalming and put up-mortem must be prevented as the lungs of an COVID-19 patient shall be infectious right via an put up-mortem. If tubes or a catheter is removed, the injuries must be disinfected with one per cent hypochlorite resolution and dressed in impermeable (leak-proof) subject subject to make certain that physique fluids don’t ooze out. The nose and mouth must be plugged to dwell physique fluids from oozing out.

After the physique is salvage in it, the fetch must all any other time be disinfected with hypochlorite. The fetch shall be covered in a cloth supplied by the family. The disinfected fetch doesn’t pose a risk right via transportation or handling. Nonetheless these handling it’s going to also simply peaceable wear personal protective gear.

Does burial pose a risk of an infection?

Bodies of other folks infected with microbes a lot like HIV and SARS-CoV-2 strategy beneath Biosafety Ranges II and III. Burial is really apt safe as the physique is sealed. “The physique takes 7-10 days to decompose, and the physique fluids can preserve 3-4 days to dry up. Theoretically speaking, the virus lives till there are physique fluids. Nonetheless this an infection spreads by droplets. There changed into no case recorded the salvage physique fluids leaked from a physique imperfect groundwater and unfold an infection,” acknowledged Dr Satish Pawar, joint director, Directorate of Smartly being Providers and products, Maharashtra.

If the physique is cremated, the ash doesn’t pose any risk both. An infection is a risk greatest for mortuary workers, scientific doctors who attain the put up-mortem and other folks that take care of the physique. If all precautions are followed, then every burial and cremation are regarded as safe. Enormous gatherings are to be prevented because of members of the family are that you just should perhaps perhaps possibly factor in contacts.

How soon must burial or cremation preserve space?

Dr Harish Pathak, head of the forensics department in Mumbai’s KEM Sanatorium, acknowledged a physique must be disposed snappy. If it must be stored in a mortuary, it’s going to also simply peaceable be preserved between 4-6 degrees.°C For doing away with infectious animal carcasses, the World Smartly being Organization mandates a simply incinerator, its foremost chamber at 800°C and secondary chamber at 1000°C; for biomedical waste, an auto-clave machine is broken-down.

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