Elton John nearly let bound about Designate Viduka’s secret contract talks with Manchester United


Elton John & how Viduka nearly joined Man Utd (2: 36)

Worn Leeds entrance-man Designate Viduka recalls backstage drinks with Elton John, and the intention in which shut he came to joining the Purple Devils. (2: 36)

Worn Australia captain Designate Viduka has acknowledged Elton John nearly told a complete stadium of live efficiency-goers about secret contract talks he had with Manchester United manager Alex Ferguson.

Viduka, who used to be taking part in for Leeds United on the time, used to be in the metropolis for talks with Ferguson when he used to be invited to support certainly one of Elton John’s concerts.

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“I was in Manchester and my agent on the time also had loads to perform with Elton John,” Viduka told ESPN.

“He acknowledged stay for the evening and solution to the display masks, he had backstage passes and I would bag the probability to meet the man for myself. It used to be a proposal I couldn’t refuse.

“So I am there with Jacob Burns, my Leeds teammate and fellow Aussie, as we got ushered into his dressing room.

“As we enter Elton swings are on a swivel chair and says: ‘Designate Viduka, you can very properly be from Melbourne — I admire that blueprint!’

“I was troubled, so I babbled on about my assembly with the Purple Devils that day and a conceivable switch.

“As a change of going to our seats to hunt the live efficiency, Elton gets us to hunt it on the facet of the stage. About three songs in he says: ‘I desire to devote this next one to my honest friend Designate who is in Manchester currently to construct a critical resolution.’

“I am thinking: ‘S—, please don’t inform any additional!’

“Thank god he didn’t. I didn’t impress for Man United — I mediate I cherished residing in Leeds too powerful on the time.”

Viduka spent four years at Leeds earlier than taking part in for Middlesbrough and Newcastle.

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