Covid-19 distress might presumably well well additionally just affect bat population in Hyderabad, enlighten biologists

HYDERABAD: The misconceptions about bats spreading unusual coronavirus might presumably well well additionally just adversely affect the population of the nocturnal animal within the metropolis, stated consultants.

From excessive usage of disinfectants to curb Covid-19 to habitat loss, plants and fauna conservationists and bat biologists are speculating various reasons that’s most continuously a possibility to the bat species.

Even supposing no official data on the entire population of bats across the metropolis is on hand, consultants enlighten 16 species of bats exist within the metropolis for the time being.

They live in buildings, caves, gap bushes and even barks of the bushes.

Pradeep Nair, founder of Animal Warriors Conservation Society stated, “After a video of a bat rescue that we did went viral on social media final week, we got almost six to seven calls from americans asking us for solutions on the technique to connect away with bats and their roosting sites in assorted areas of the metropolis. Folk have developed an unnecessary distress of bats as a consequence of rumours and misconceptions about them being a offer of Covid-19.”

Extra stressing on the indisputable fact that bats are now not confirmed to be the provision of Covid-19, consultants stated that it’s miles an accusation that’s placing the flying mammals at possibility.

Talking to TOI, Rahul Prabhukhanolkar, a analysis partner at Indian Bat Conservation and Study Unit stated, “While some of the explanations for decline in bat population in metropolis areas is habitat loss, heavy employ of insecticide or pesticides creates a field for them to get food and live on..”

Biologists stress that bats are a boon to the ecosystem and win now not like traces of Covid-19. “There is now not the type of thing as a indeniable indisputable fact that bats are carrying traces of Covid-19. This unnecessary scare that folk are having about bats is baseless,” stated C Srinivasulu, a metropolis-based fully bat biologist and conservation zoologist.

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