Ajay Devgn known as Kajol ‘low maintenance companion’, published they married on his dwelling’s terrace: 5 funny…

Dwelling / Bollywood / Ajay Devgn known as Kajol ‘low maintenance companion’, published they married on his dwelling’s terrace: 5 funny revelations about couple

Ajay Devgn and Kajol are regarded as one of many coolest couples in Bollywood who continue to droop robust even after 21 years of marriage. The 2 are, on the other hand, very assorted from every other and credit rating it to be the motive in the support of their robust relationship.

Whereas Kajol is the extra talkative one amongst of the two, Ajay is a greater spendthrift who knows how to determine on perfect thing about his low-maintenance companion. Here are a few hilarious revelations made by the couple that can for sure reinstate your belief in bitter and sweet relationships:

Ajay and Kajol married on his dwelling’s terrace

Ajay Devgn and Kajol had lied to the media about their wedding venue and had tied the knot secretly at the broken-down’s field. Talking about their wedding celebrations, Ajay had told Mid-Day in an interview, “There used to be no proposal! We grew to turn into chums, after which realised we’re seeing every other. Someday, we decided to internet married. I didn’t are looking out for to bag a huge topic out of my marriage. So, I came out of my bed room, got married on my terrace, went reduction to my bed room!

Secret of Ajay and Kajol’s elated marriage

Spilling the beans about what retains them robust even after 21 years of marriage, Kajol had credited the stark distinction between their speaking habits as the secret. She had told Pinkvilla, “I have confidence our relationship has worked easiest on sage of I focus on so much and he quietly listens. So the secret to our happily married life is that Ajay doesn’t say powerful.”

On the other hand, all the blueprint in which by their look on Karan Johar’s Koffee With Karan, Ajay had added his aspect of the truth. “She talks and I don’t hear,” he said.

Ajay opens up about Kajol’s browsing habits

Ajay had confessed on Koffee With Karan that Kajol used to be a extremely low maintenance companion nonetheless no longer forward of he published her fascination with online browsing. He said, “She broken-all of the blueprint in which down to shop at the Santacruz market. Now it’s all online. If I am dwelling, I explore six or seven programs being delivered for her on daily basis. And she’s going to be on her iPad asserting, “Gaze here is so nice. You perceive how powerful it is far for? Simplest 600 rupees.” Kajol asked the actor to “shut up” as he “must be grateful” for getting this sort of companion.

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Ajay knows how to determine on perfect thing about Kajol’s spending habits

Ajay had also published how he takes perfect thing about Kajol’s money-saving habits. Talking about splurging that money on seeking automobiles for himself, he had said, “She’s very low maintenance. I surely don’t know what to reward her for her birthdays. She doesn’t want the leisure. So one and all year, I recall a car and expose her ‘Baby, your car is getting feeble. I am seeking you a recent one’.”

Kajol on why Ajay Devgn doesn’t attend parties

Kajol and Ajay are seldom considered at Bollywood parties collectively. Whereas Kajol makes solo appearances at events and parties hosted by her chums, Ajay prefers to raise far from them. “I don’t know whether or no longer he has social dread. Could well very properly be he calls it that, and it’s surely laziness,” she had said.

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