Two-Wheeler Gross sales Sage: March 2020

Before the present impart, the automotive sector became once already reeling below the enact of a slowdown. Vital factors like implementation of most stylish stricter emission norms from BS4 to BS6 may also very effectively be attributed to this slowdown. On the opposite hand, the affect created by the outbreak of covid-19 worldwide has had a great widening and detrimental enact on the gross sales of vehicles. The enact has been more eminent in case of two-wheelers in comparability to four-wheeler passenger vehicles.

Over the last couple of days, many auto manufacturers were posting handsome tumble in gross sales figures, the most stylish to post a negative gross sales performance is Bajaj Auto. In March 2020, Bajaj provided 2,10,976 two-wheelers – a 35 p.c tumble from the 3,23,538 units it provided in March 2019. This figure is inclusive of both home gross sales and exports. While you happen to take into epic ravishing the home figures, the tumble is ever more vital. In March 2019, Bajaj provided 2,20,213 two-wheelers in the home market, however it’s down by 55 p.c with 98,412 units provided in March 2020. On the flip facet, however, export numbers beget seen a hike from 1,03,325 units in March 2019 to 1,12,564 units in March 2020 – up by 9 p.c.

twelve months-on-twelve months gross sales beget seen a 7 p.c decline. In April-March 2019, Bajaj provided a total of 42,36,873 two-wheelers, and that number fell to 39,47,568 in April-March 2020. Domestic gross sales went from 25,41,320 units to 20,78,348, down by 18 p.c. Exports seen a 10 p.c amplify, with 18,69,220 units provided in April-March 2020 when put next with the 16,95,553 units provided in the the same period final twelve months.

The one space the put Bajaj don’t have to horror great about, however, is the BS4 to BS6 transition bother, as sellers beget confirmed that they’ve managed to sell many of the BS4 stock sooner than the April 1 deadline.

On the opposite hand, sadly that’s now not the case with the nation’s supreme two-wheeler producer- Hero MotoCorp. As per a list from PTI, Hero MotoCorp, has over 1 lakh units of BS4 two-wheelers unsold with its dealerships across India. On the opposite hand, Hero MotoCorp has assured their sellers that the corporate will soak up all the unsold BS4 stock.

Hero MotoCorp has launched its gross sales outcomes for March 2020 and the corporate registered a decline of 42 per cent in total gross sales (home+exports). The producer’s gross sales for the outdated month stood at 334,647 units as a substitute of 581,279 units provided a twelve months sooner than in March 2019. The stark tumble in volumes has been recorded attributable to the coronavirus lockdown across the nation. Domestic gross sales stood at 316,685 units, a tumble of 42.7 per cent as when put next with 553,302 units provided in March 2019. On the substitute hand, exports stood at 17,962 units, a decline of 35.7 p.c as in opposition to 27,977 units over March 2019

For March 2020, Hero’s bike gross sales stood at 305,883 units, witnessing a tumble of 42.9 per cent over 535,943 units provided in March 2019. Scooter gross sales meanwhile stood at 28,764 units final month, registering a tumble of 36.6 per cent twelve months-on-twelve months as when put next with 45,336 units provided the the same month final twelve months. The sector’s supreme two-wheeler maker additionally seen volumes tumble for FY2020 with the corporate promoting 64,09,719 units, a dip of 11 per cent as a substitute of 72,39,460 units provided throughout the 2018-19 monetary twelve months.

TVS Sport

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One more main bike producer which seen extra special descend in gross sales figures is TVS. The corporate registered gross sales of 144,739 units in March 2020 as in opposition to 325,323 units in March 2019 which is an spacious tumble of 55 p.c. Domestic two-wheelers gross sales had been 94,103 units in March 2020 as in opposition to 247,694 units in March 2019, which is a tumble of 62 per cent.

The corporate provided a total of 133,988 two-wheelers in March 2020 in opposition to 310,885 units provided in March final twelve months, which is a tumble of 56.9 per cent. Bike gross sales incorporated 66,673 units in March 2020 as in opposition to gross sales of 141,086 motorcycles in March 2019, a tumble of 52.4 per cent. Equally, scooter gross sales of the corporate had been pegged at 34,191 units in March 2020 as in opposition to gross sales of 98,477 units in March 2019, again a tumble of 65.28 per cent.

TVS’ total exports stood at 50,197 units final month as in opposition to gross sales of 76,405 units in March 2019, seeing a tumble of 34.3 per cent. The corporate exported 39,885 two-wheeler units in March 2020 which is a wide tumble of 93.69 per cent, with two-wheeler exports standing at 63,191 units in March final twelve months. The three-wheeler gross sales of the corporate had been 10,751 units in March 2020 as in opposition to gross sales of 14,438 units in March 2019 which is a decline of 25.54 per cent.

On the substitute hand, Suzuki Bike India seen a tumble of 39 per cent in its March 2020 gross sales. The corporate provided 40,636 units final month (home + exports) in opposition to 67,025 units gross sales in March final twelve months. Equally, the corporate provided 33,930 units domestically in March 2020 which is a tumble of 42.2 per cent. The corporate says these are the figures till March 22, 2020 after which the corporate’s manufacturing became once halted as per executive directives, in a inform to battle the spread of Coronavirus.

Suzuki Gixxer

On the opposite hand, the two-wheeler subsidiary of Suzuki Motor Company, Japan concluded the fiscal twelve months on an very good repeat by registering an very good 5.7% growth over FY 2018-19. Cumulatively, Suzuki provided 790,397 units from April 2019 – March 2020, when put next with 747,506 units provided in the corresponding period final twelve months.

One more expansive player in the two-wheeler market, Honda became once an exception and seen an very good growth throughout the acknowledged period. Honda Bikes & Scooters India (HMSI) has launched a total growth of 5% in the month of March 2020. The corporate registered gross sales of 2,61,669 units in the outdated month, when put next with 2,49,136 units in March 2019.

Honda Activa 125

Honda Two-wheelers additionally launched a 11% growth in the home market in the course of March 2020. The corporate acknowledged that they recorded 2,45,669 units of gross sales in the home market in March 2020, in opposition to 2,22,325 units final twelve months. HMSI’s two-wheeler export gross sales stood at 16,000 units throughout the the same period.

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In vogue urban bike producer Royal Enfield India showed identical trends. Royal Enfield seen a wide 44 per cent ride in its home gross sales for the month of March 2020. The corporate provided 32,630 units in March 2020 as when put next with 58,434 units provided in March 2019. The corporate, like all the others, seen a dip in its gross sales for the reason that gross sales train stopped after the present Coronavirus lockdown became once utilized on March 23, 2020.

Royal Enfield 350

The corporate seen a 33 per cent amplify in its exports, promoting 3,184 units final month as when put next with 2,397 units exported in March final twelve months. Combining exports and home gross sales, Royal Enfield provided a total of 35,814 units in March 2020, which is 41 p.c now not up to 60,831 units provided final twelve months.

Royal Enfield additionally launched its gross sales files for FY19-20. The corporate provided a total of 656,651 units domestically in FY20 as when put next with 805,273 units provided in FY19, which is a tumble of 18 per cent. Equally, total gross sales too seen a tumble of 16 per cent in FY20 with total gross sales of 695,947 units. The corporate provided 826,089 units in total in FY19. The exports even supposing showed a wide 89 per cent growth. The corporate exported 20,825 units in FY19, which grew to 39,296 units in FY20.

It ought to be involving to stare what the vogue will prepare post the fright of covid-19 fright and lifting of the nationwide lockdown. Because the figures indicate gross sales were somewhat down and this can clutch a whereas for manufacturers to repeat some certain growth and we are in a position to ask that fully after returning to normalcy from the present impart and total transition from BS4 to BS6.

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