Shikhar Dhawan, foremost other Aesha dance to Jeetendra’s Bollywood traditional -day

Indian cricketer Shikhar Dhawan is making true of the lockdown21 time that he bought to exhaust alongside with his family amid the coronavirus pandemic. Dhawan, who’s moreover in isolation alongside with his foremost other Ayesha and son Zoravar, recently posted a video by which the Indian opener, who’s fondly continuously called ‘Gabbar’, became Jitendra. He is considered dancing with Ayesha on a most standard Bollywood number ‘Dhal gaya din, ho gayi sham’ from the film ‘Hamjoli’.

Dhawan’s clothing vogue is moreover a traditional white be pleased that of Jitendra’s. On the the same time, Ayesha who’s acting Lina Chandravarkar, is wearing a dim suit. He captioned the video: “Ho gayi shaam jaane make jaana hai.” Dhawan had earlier posted a hilarious video by which he used to be considered washing the clothes of the house and in the background the film music- ‘Jab se hui hai shaadi, aansu baha hoon …’ used to be playing.

Within the amusing clip, the 34-year-frail used to be first considered washing clothes while sitting in a shower-tub. Ayesha used to be spotted doing her invent-up, standing in front of a mirror. Dhawan consistently requested for respite, folding his hands, nonetheless Ayesha did now not glide.

Thereafter, Ayesha will even be considered talking on the cell phone whilst Dhawan cleans the bathroom. Ayesha moreover has a stick in her to be definite that Dhawan doesn’t wait on some distance off from performing his tasks.

Dhawan had uploaded the video with a caption: “Existence after one week at house. Reality hits difficult #AeshaDhawan @BoatNirvana #boAtheadStayINsane.”

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