Of us, pandemics, pangolins and bats – is it US now now not THEM?

What is it about bats that makes them such distinctive incubators of viruses that – within the occasion that they soar species – might per chance furthermore be so darn deadly to us?

Why attain bats continue to exist the total viruses they harbour?

And, before we blame bats for the COVID-19 pandemic, attain we deserve to elevate a valid gaze at our ourselves – folks?

Is it us now now not them?

A shut gaze on the bat-lifestyles, science, China’s natural world trade, wet markets, diets, values – and the changing way all of us dwell in landscapes everywhere.


Professor Deborah Cao

Griffith College

Author, Animals in China: Legislation and Society (2015)

Dr Hume Discipline

Veterinarian and environmental scientist

Science and Policy Advisor for China and South-east Asia regions

Ecohealth Alliance

Bats Are Pure Reservoirs of SARS-like Coronaviruses (2005)

Wild Sport Changer: Referring to Animals in Chinese language Custom – Deborah Cao (2018)

Habitat fragmentation, biodiversity loss and the threat of unique infectious disease emergence (2018)

The nexus between wooded space fragmentation in Africa and Ebola virus disease outbreak (2017)

Ecology of Zoonotic Infectious Diseases in Bats: Novel Details and Future Route (2013)

Sound engineer: Julian McKenzie

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