NASA’s novel Jupiter image is graceful
Jupiter on Feb. 17, 2020

Portray: NASA /J PL / SwRI / MSSS /Portray processing by Gerald Eichstädt

By Fee Kaufman

Some 484 million miles from coronavirus-beleaguered Earth lies the gasoline huge Jupiter, and its stormy, shining atmosphere.

One among essentially the most up-to-date photos NASA’s Juno spacecraft sent befriend to Earth shows a peep of the planet’s churning northern blueprint. Juno captured it on Feb. 17, in the direction of a “shut” swing by Jupiter — which implies Juno used to be some 15,610 miles above these clouds.

Jupiter, wow.


Portray processing by Gerald Eichstädt

Of explicit hobby amid the swirling clouds and spinning storms are the skinny, hazy bands, which toddle from high to backside in the image.

They are atmospheric particles floating above Jupiter’s smartly-known, tumultuous clouds. “Scientists don’t but know precisely what these hazes are fabricated from or how they decide up,” writes NASA. 

A stout suite Juno’s imagery of Jupiter — “the king of planets” — might well even additionally be realized right here.

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